Are you ready for a summer that goes far beyond beaches and parties?

Joana Moreira

ESG data managing and reporting

ESG: Why is it difficult to manage and report data?

Jady Wailante

article by joão pontes about softtware products

How to boost software products towards global success?

João Pontes

article by cristina marinhas about women and technology

Letter to the women of today, who will embrace technology tomorrow

Cristina Marinhas

article by cristina marinhas about women in technology

When Women are left behind in technology, we all pay the price

Cristina Marinhas

article by bruna ferreira about technology on quidgest blog

But do you understand anything about technology?

Bruna Ferreira

article about 12 things to retain employees quidgest blog

Want to retain employees? Start doing these 12 things

Hugo Miguel Ribeiro

Florence Nightingale and other women in the field of health and technology

Let’s be Florence Nightingale, Marie Curie and Katalin Karikó

Eduarda Dinis

article about skills by Susanna Coghlan

Charting your course: leveraging skills for career growth

Susanna Coghlan

Article about data privacy on Quidgest blog

Data privacy: don’t risk it, prevent it!

Beatriz Guimarães

From Artificial Intelligence to Human Experience

From Artificial Intelligence to Human Experience: redefining personalization

Janaína Santiago

software development with Genio generative AI

A million-dollar question about Generative AI for Software Development

João Paulo Carvalho

digital assistants in public administration

How will Digital Assistants revolutionize Public Administration?

Carla Gomes

Regtech e Generative AI

RegTech’s Future Under the Lens of Generative AI

Anna Muzalska

Leveraging GenAI for lifelong learning, unlearning, and relearning

Leveraging GenAI for lifelong learning, unlearning, and relearning

Hugo Miguel Ribeiro

article about design by isabel raminhos at marketeer

Design beyond acronyms and anglicisms

Isabel Raminhos

article about different forms of artificial intelligence

Not one, but many Artificial Intelligences

João Paulo Carvalho

article about cybersecurity on quidgest blog

Cybersecurity Monsters That Are Truly Terrifying

Beatriz Guimarães

article about performance management on Quidgest blog

Performance Management: The Path to Excellence

Sara Almeida

Artigo sobre work life balance no blog Quidgest

It’s not about work-life balance, but work-life harmony

Sara Almeida

texto sobre chatgpt no blog quidgest

Do you speak ChatGPTese? Discover 3 tips to become fluent

Miguel Melo

article about HR training in quidgest blog

Training: the key to converting knowledge into results

Carolina Melo

Article about hybrid work by Hugo Ribeiro

Hybrid work: on the tightrope between face-to-face and virtual?

Hugo Miguel Ribeiro

inclusion and diversity in human resources

Your teams have potential. But do you know how to unlock it?

Hugo Miguel Ribeiro

text about technology and health by carlos nogueira

Algorithm’s word: is better to predict than be sorry

Carlos Nogueira


Generative AI: To Infinity and Beyond

Bruna Ferreira

5 years of GDPR by beatriz guimarães

GDPR: 5 years, 5 lessons learned

Beatriz Guimarães

artigo de bruna ferreira na marketeer

Seven centuries of Renaissance from Florence to ChatGPT

Bruna Ferreira

inteligência artificial generativa

Give a hammer to a child, and everything around them becomes a nail

João Paulo Carvalho

Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence

Less usual perspectives (blind spots) on Artificial Intelligence

João Paulo Carvalho

digital nomads in Portugal

Digital nomads, welcome to Portugal!

Aga Broda

artificial intelligence vs human intelligence

In the era of artificial intelligence, let’s invest in human intelligence

Susanna Coghlan

The 5Ps test

Soledad González

Data-driven Organizations

Data-driven organizations: to be or to become, that is the question

Bruna Ferreira

lack of inclusion in tech professions

We need to talk about the lack of inclusion in tech professions

Hugo Miguel Ribeiro

5 myths that keep women away from technology

5 Scary myths that keep women away from a career in technology

Sónia Fernandes

The significance of freedom in our digital society

Kartikey Bajpai

Challenges for Human Resource Managers

3 challenges for Human Resources managers in 2022 and beyond

João Simões de Abreu

ESG Quidgest solutions

5 reasons for taking ESG efforts seriously

João Simões de Abreu

What is Shadow IT?

What is Shadow IT and how to overcome it

João Simões de Abreu

The evolution of the office worker – from using a quill to programming

João Simões de Abreu

citizen software development

What is Citizen Development and how it empowers Organizations

João Simões de Abreu

data privacy compliance

Data Privacy: €1,5B later

João Simões de Abreu

Technology for economic recovery: how not to pawn our future

Generative AI by Quidgest Genio

What is Generative AI – Examples, Numbers, and Predictions

João Simões de Abreu

Time in Software Development

When the response time tends to zero, the value tends to infinite

João Simões de Abreu

Co-innovating with Genio

João Simões de Abreu

Software Development in Disruptive Times

João Simões de Abreu

strategy for disruption

Disruption is the “new normal”

João Simões de Abreu


Brainless brute force – overhyping GPT-3 in software development

João Simões de Abreu


Software’s role in the quest for Prosperity

João Simões de Abreu

q-day panel peace

The more we sweat in Peace, the less we bleed in War

João Simões de Abreu

q-day panel 1 planet

Our Home is burning

Human Resources Decentralization – agility, retention, and growth

Model-Driven Development

What is Model-Driven Development?

gdpr fines

GDPR: 3 years, €300M, and the ongoing hurdles

Agile Learning Future Ready Workforce

Agile Learning for a Future-Ready Workforce

Agile Learning

Banks vs. Big Tech: fighting the great white in the shark tank

gartner predicition for 2024

2024: 80% of technology services and products will be built by non-IT professionals

Grab a seat, CEO


Built to change, (not) to last

about digital twins

Digital Twins: the backbone of continuous and agile innovation

The delicate art of change management

software development with extreme low-code

Software Development: Functionality is not the main event

PBC Gartner vendor list

Quidgest mentioned in Gartner’s Example Composable Vendor list

healthcare software

3rd SDG: Value-based Healthcare

artificial intelligence founders

Founding fathers of Artificial Intelligence

software development trends

7 inGENIOus software development trends you cannot ignore

low-code and hyper agile

Legacy fuel, modern low-code hybrid, or hyper agile electric?

updating legacy systems

Defusing the legacy bomb

public sector leads erp modernization

Is the public sector leading the digital Era by replacing ERPs?

composable business by quidgest

Intelligent Composable Business: the agile answer to an everchanging landscape

about artificial intelligence and models

Artificial Intelligence and Models


Quidgest is a global technology company headquartered in Lisbon and a pioneer in intelligent software modeling and generation. Through its unique generative AI platform, Genio, develops complex, urgent, and specific systems, ready to evolve continuously, flexible, and scalable for various technologies and platforms. Partners and large organizations such as governments, multinational companies, and global multilateral institutions use Quidgest’s solutions to achieve their digital strategies.

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