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Quidgest in a brief

Quidgest has been a pioneer in the area of Artificial Intelligence applied to Software Development since its establishment, in 1988. Gathering Model-Driven Development and Artificial Intelligence, Quidgest’s Genio is a pattern-based framework able to transform even a large Model into an efficient software solution in less than 10 minutes. This level of efficiency has been used to develop a current portfolio of 600+ complex solutions, probably making Quidgest the largest management software producer in Europe.

The ‘new normal’ and a new Digital Transformation agility

The COVID-19 pandemic has awakened all business leaders to the critical importance of business resilience and its ability to change quickly.

The solution for current technological challenges

This approach, perfectly scalable, solves the biggest current threats for economic expansion: the global lack of both optimized solutions for digital transformation and competent full-stack software developers.

Successful Strategies for both Clients and Partners

Hundreds of partners and large clients, namely governments (Jamaica), multinational corporations and multilateral institutions (United Nations), use Quidgest solutions to achieve their digital strategies. With companies already established in Portugal, Germany, East-Timor and Mozambique, in addition to partnerships in the UK, Brazil, Poland, El Salvador and Jamaica, Quidgest has been investing successfully in internationalization.

virvi software


VIRVI is a hyper-agile emergency software to support the monitoring and control of a virus epidemics, like COVID-19, in any country or region, in an emergency timeframe.


  • We Model! We do not Code or Low-Code or Accelerate Code.

  • We use Artificial Intelligence to translate Model into Code.

  • We drastically reduce Time to Market (days instead of months; weeks instead of years).

  • We increase productivity by a factor of 10 regarding low/no/accelerate-code platforms.

  • We are Agile: we build software to change everyday (continuous improvement by design).

  • We believe that Software makes the difference: IT is the best source of Competitive Advantage.

  • We are a universal provider. If our clients need a new module, Quidgest has a solution.

  • We offer the best of two worlds: Software package (Proved, Robust) + Bespoke (My Solution).

  • Our solutions use only standard (frequently, open-source) languages, databases and tools.

  • Succeed in Design Thinking / Digital Transformation / DevOps / Lean IT with us.

  • Working at the Model level, our experts talk the industry language, not IT jargon.









Quidgest expands to the Nordic and Benelux markets

Baker Tilly partners with Quidgest to create the new competence center, called Xtream Low Code.
quidgest anniversary

Quidgest 32nd Anniversary

Quidgest celebrated its 32nd anniversary. The company puts the most advanced software engineering at the service of the best management.
xtreme low code center

Baker Tilly creates Xtreme Low Code center

Baker Tilly partners with Quidgest to create the new competence center, called Xtream Low Code.

GENIO Online Training

This is an innovative way of producing software, using a modeling platform and automatic code generation. Now you can participate in ONLINE format courses.
virvi software

Quidgest lauches VIRVI – a Health Vigilance and Control Software

VIRVI is hyper agile emergency software designed for global epidemiological challenges like COVID-19. It is a tool that supports the monitoring and control of epidemics or other phenomena in real-time, giving rigorous support during the critical period.


“The work of the Quidgest team and the services provided were of high quality, and the team’s availability and professionalism were verified for clarification and resolution of issues through a communication flow that reflected a true partnership.”

Eduardo GraçaPresident of the Cooperativa António Sérgio para a Economia Social

“I would like to thank Quidgest for their support and attention, in the last months, in developing an intuitive and easy-to-use solution, that managed to face the constraints and structural challenges of Guinea-Bissau. We appreciate all the time spent on this project, as the only company capable of developing this custom-made solution.”

Ana LopesProject Manager at Instituto Marquês de Valle Flôr
Lusoponte chose Quidgest GDPR system
UNL cliente quidgest
KiriBis Governo Moçambique
portal web de gestão da transparência
instituto marquês de valle flôr

 Quidgest actively participates in the technological revolution of our times with the implementation of disruptive and innovative solutions

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