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When your organization evolves, can your software evolve with it? When regulations change, can your software respond? When your customers´ needs and habits change, is your software flexible enough to adapt to new ways of doing business?

These are the questions we set out to answer in building management systems through advanced software engineering based on Automation, Modelling, and Artificial Intelligence, combined with DevOps practices and Lean and Agile methodologies. Quidgest delivers the ability to be flexible, adaptable, and responsive to changing customer demands to businesses, organizations, and governments around the world.

Plataforma Genio Quidgest







Partnership between Quidgest and Rumos

Rumos and Quidgest have established a partnership for using Genio, our platform for modeling and automatic software generation, in a knowledge sharing project.

Signs Cybersecurity Research Protocol

The official celebration of the association protocol with the UBI took place in Quidgest on December 20, 2016.

Lisbon Green Hackathon 2017 Supported by Quidgest

A new edition of Green Hackathon was held on 11 and 12 March in Lisbon. Quidgest supported this action with different initiatives, in particular, they gave access to the Genio platform.

João Annes Wins AFCEA International Award

João Annes, coordinator of the Cybersecurity and Digital Privacy area of Quidgest, is one of the winners of the "40 Under 40 Award" international prize from the AFCEA-Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association.

CINEL and Quidgest Promote Training in Software Development

"Agile Creation of Information Systems" is the name of the innovative professional training that will take place next June in CINEL - Vocational Training Center of Electronics, Energy, Telecommunications and Information Technologies Industry.


 “The work of the Quidgest team and the services provided were of high quality, and the team’s availability and professionalism were verified for clarification and resolution of issues through a communication flow that reflected a true partnership.”

Eduardo GraçaPresidente da Cooperativa António Sérgio para a Economia SocialLer mais...

“I would like to thank Quidgest for its support and attention in the last few months to develop a solution that is intuitive, user-friendly and able to keep up with those that are the constraints of Guinea-Bissau and its structural challenges. We appreciate the time spent, since they were the only company able to develop this solution to the measure. “

Ana LopesGestora de projeto do Instituto Marquês de Valle FlôrLer mais...
UNL cliente quidgest
KiriBis Governo Moçambique
gestão da transparência, igualdade no trabalho, quidgest
Instituto Marquês de Valle Flôr

Quidgest actively participates in the technological revolution of our times with the implementation of disruptive and innovative solutions


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