At Quidgest, innovation is in our DNA. We work every day to create the future through software development. Our vision? To empower organizations and businesses with cutting-edge solutions that redefine the possible. Here, your ideas are valued, your creativity is cherished, and your potential is limitless. Step into a world where your career is a journey of continuous learning, growth, and impact. Are you ready to leave your mark on the tech universe? Take a look at the job opportunities available.

Software for a better future

Projects and software solutions that generate impact

Valuing innovation and creativity

Culture of inclusion and diversity



Female representation

6 years
Average length of service




Lisbon, Portugal       Full-time (Hybrid)


Lisbon, Portugal       Full-time (Hybrid)


Lisbon, Portugal       Full-time (Hybrid)


Lisbon, Portugal       Full-time (Hybrid)



  • Exclusive Generative Artificial Intelligence tools to streamline the development process

  • Informal environment with a low level of bureaucracy

  • Hybrid Work Model (2 days at home per week)

  • Healthcare insurance

  • Up to 25 days of paid annual vacation

  • Team and company events

  • Continuous training and certifications

  • Opportunity to take part in global projects

  • Partnerships with discounts at gyms, restaurants, pharmacies, among others

  • Transportation allowance

  • Health & wellness activities

  • Family assistance facilitation

  • Support for professional developmen

  • Part-time opportunities for IT students

  • Performance Rewards System (Gamification)

  • Leisure area


recognizes that equal opportunities and equal treatment are promoted

are satisfied with their benefits package

believe that cultural diversity is supported



estágio curriculares na quidgest

Summer Internships
2 to 3 months

Medium and short-term curricular internships
3 – 6 months

Curricular internship for thesis project
3 – 9 months



Lisbon, Portugal


Lisbon, Portugal


Lisbon, Portugal


Lisbon, Portugal


I chose Quidgest’s summer internship as my first professional experience and, throughout last August, I had the opportunity to take part in real and challenging projects, which helped me develop both soft and hard skills that I now consider very important to my journey in the world of work. In addition, all the company’s employees gave me an exemplary welcome and were a pillar of support throughout the internship, always ready to answer any questions or doubts that arose. I would therefore like to thank everyone for the opportunity and the teams I worked with for giving me such a positive experience and for accompanying me throughout it.

João Nunes (IT)

The support I received at Quidgest was truly remarkable. I was mentored by experienced professionals who took the time to understand my capabilities and guided me to push my limits. This encouraging environment fostered my growth, both personally and professionally. I chose Quidgest for my summer internship because of its reputation for excellence and the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technology. The company’s culture of innovation and continuous learning coincided with my own goals.

Bárbara Silva (IT)

I started my internship in July and finished at the end of August. At first, the biggest difficulty was getting used to the ID Genio development environment. However, I felt that I would always have someone willing to answer my questions, even when there were many. People like António Matias, Pedro Galhardo and, of course, João Ferro, helped me a lot! Overall, I think the experience at Quidgest was tremendously welcoming and made me really want to stay on beyond the internship, an opportunity I was fortunately offered :). I loved the experience and will definitely recommend it to other friends of mine!

Rúben Nobre (IT)

The internship at Quidgest was a unique opportunity! It was a time when I developed my hard and soft skills, which gave me room to grow and tackle an area I was curious about, and which I wouldn’t otherwise have had the chance to. It was a fantastic experience, accompanied by incredible people, and one that I might like to repeat one day. Thank you so much, Quidgest, for letting me join this great company!

Mariana Colaço (MKT & Sales)

This summer internship at Quidgest was my first professional experience, and I feel it was very worthwhile, both on a personal and intellectual level; this internship was challenging and allowed me to develop technological skills that I hadn’t yet had the chance to work on, and also to develop by learning to work on projects as a team with my fellow interns, and to present my work to my superiors. I felt supported throughout the internship, and I was able to answer any questions I had, as there was always a member of staff on hand to help with anything I needed. In short, it has been a very positive experience and I am very grateful for this opportunity.

João Ramos (IT)

I arrived at Quidgest as a Marketing and Management trainee and had a very good experience. This unique experience gave me many opportunities to develop new soft skills and I left as a better professional than when I arrived. I consider myself lucky to have a team that supported me and encouraged new ideas and opinions. I would like to thank Quidgest and its employees for this fantastic experience. Thank you!

Kartikey Bajpai (MKT & Sales)

I learned a lot during my internship at Quidgest. It was very productive and I feel that the knowledge I acquired was much more than what I learn at university and I’m sure it will be very useful in the future. I liked the fact that all the tasks were very practical and that I could choose the project I wanted to work on.

Ana Jin (IT)

The summer internship at Quidgest was my first professional experience. Right from the start, when I was recruited, I felt that the process was organized and I was given all the support I needed until the internship began. The internship itself was interesting and challenging, taking me to work with tools and in contexts with which I had little experience – here all the support from both the R&D team and my fellow interns was fundamental, with whom I felt I had developed a good teamwork dynamic (punctuated, of course, by the ping-pong matches at lunchtime!) I recommend the experience to anyone interested in the area and I hope to have the opportunity to continue the work I started here.

Thomas Childs (IT)

Being on the job market for the first time and taking part in a large-scale project in a pleasant environment was a great experience, both personally and professionally. I’m very grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given and I’ll see you soon!

Stefan Knutsen (IT)


  • How and when can I apply for an internship at Quidgest?

    In the case of curricular internships, we accept applications all year round. You can send your application through your college or directly to For summer internships, applications are opened every year between April and May. Vacancies are advertised on Quidgest’s Linkedin page.

  • What are the long-term prospects for Quidgest Internships?

    Our internship programs are a great opportunity to join Quidgest because once you have completed them and depending on your performance, you have the chance to join the company immediately.

  • In which locations are there opportunities?

    Quidgest’s headquarters are in Picoas (Lisbon) and the internships are 100% face-to-face.

  • Are Quidgest internships paid?

    Quidgest highly values the work of its young talent, which is why all our internships are paid.

  • Do I need to be Portuguese to apply?

    At Quidgest, the theme of Diversity and Inclusion is of central importance, so we do not exclude any candidate from our recruitment processes because of their nationality. However, in order to work with us, people from outside the European Union must have a visa that allows them to work/intern in Portugal on a full-time basis.

  • Do I need to be Portuguese to apply?

    At Quidgest, the theme of Diversity and Inclusion is of central importance, so we do not exclude any candidate from our recruitment processes because of their nationality. However, in order to work with us, people from outside the European Union must have a visa that allows them to work/intern in Portugal on a full-time basis.

  • How will I be contacted as part of the recruitment process?

    Initially, we contact candidates by email. However, as the process progresses, the preferred communication channel becomes telephone contact.

  • When will I receive feedback on my application?

    We usually take between 1 and 3 weeks after the interview to give feedback. If we haven’t sent you a reply yet, it’s because your application is still being assessed by our team. We will try to give you feedback as soon as possible.

  • What is the timetable for internships?

    Summer internships will take place during normal hours (09:00 to 18:00 with one hour for lunch). In the case of curricular internships, timetables may be adapted to reconcile with class schedules.


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