GENIO – Generative AI platform


Genio is Quidgest’s software development platform based on modeling (model-driven engineering) and Generative AI.
This exclusive platform distinguishes itself from low-code and no-code platforms by being pattern-oriented and able to transform a model into a software solution quickly and efficiently.
These features make Genio the ideal platform for complex, unique, and urgent projects.


  • Genio combines technological independence, code standardization, and delivery speed in multiple languages ​​and technologies.
  • It produces software systems that are easily evolutive.
  • The generated code is standard and completely independent of the generation framework.
  • The development and maintenance of information systems are independent of programming domains, thanks to a graphical interface with a high level of abstraction.
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Quidgest’s Genio is about 10x more productive, reveals a study published in the international ACM Queue magazine.

The conclusions are compiled in the scientific article “Low-code Development Productivity,” resulting from a rigorous and independent laboratory exercise in which three platforms – Django, OutSystems, and Genio – were compared in the creation and maintenance of the same software application.

Genio Platform: The Best Platform Low Code


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  • Up to 10 x faster developing new projects with 1/10 of resources.

  • Ease evolving maintenance and integration of new requirements.

  • Independence of software providers and technologies.

  • Interoperability with other manufacturers and brands.

  • Ability to update obsolete platforms with innovative methodology.

  • Permanent technological and functional update.

  • Productivity is 8 times higher than low-code platforms.


Thanks to the technologies and methodologies we use, based on Artifical Intelligence, development time is dramatically reduced (Scaled Agile Framework)


Genio is able to provide specialized information systems that respond to the specific needs of several and demanding business areas (DevOps).


It guarantees that Genio and the systems it produces are always updated, in order to maintain the high productivity level using innovative tools and techniques.


It automatically generates high level standard code (as if it was written by a programmer) – Lean IT


Genio is intended for consultants or business analysts who want to be part of their organizations’ Digital Transformation process.
With knowledge of logic, relational databases and training at Quidgest Academy you will be able to create professional management solutions, without errors, and with productivity levels similar to those of a team of programmers/specialists.
There are already many Partners who are part of the Quidnet network and benefit from the highly competitive advantages of working with Genio.

Be part of the new community for professionals and enthusiasts of Genio platform!



Genio supports the most recent Web based architectures and technologies (C #, ASP.NET MVC, HTML5), Databases (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL) and WCF WebServices. Genio also handles previous modeled Back Office solutions (Windows, C ++, MFC) for easy legacy and fast upgrading. It allows the generation of mobile Apps, and multiple integration features with several systems, namely MS-Office.


The patterns used by Genio are, to a large extent, independent of the technology, environment or architecture used, although there may be occasional limitations to its use in some contexts.
These are logical components that our partners and our clients also know.
This sharing of knowledge allows them to exploit all the advantages of automatic generation in the creation of their information and management systems.
The systems thus developed, fully suited to the procedures and strategy of each organization, are decisive in order to make it a leader in its sector of activity.

In order to foster a better use of these concepts, Quidgest created a professional certification program in Pattern-Based Software Engineering and Full Stack development.

Genio4All Project

This is a project to train specialized key people in rapid complex systems development (RAD – Rapid Application Development), by modeling (MDD – Model Driven Development), including automatic generation of font code, without the need for training in information technology or programming.
This project came in a complementary way to the “Activate Portugal” employability initiatives promoted by Microsoft, and “Movement for Employment”, promoted by IEFP, Gulbenkian and COTEC Portugal, of which Quidgest is a partner.



Genio 4All is a solution to solve
this problem

Evolution and continuous improvement

The main goal of this research project is to identify and define the logical and functional structures that make up the management information systems and, like pieces of a construction game, to coherently interconnect them to quickly create systems with the characteristics defined by the customer.
The Genio platform began to be developed in 1990 by the Quidgest Research and Development team and offers continuous and regularly new versions, with new functionalities and technologies.

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Funded Projects

Os mais importantes projetos da I&D são financiados pela União Europeia e desenvolvidos em parceria, envolvendo universidades, grandes empresas e PME, em redes que se estendem sempre por vários países.

model driven engineering

First Sight Model

First Sight Model is a pioneer project to visualize models in information systems to create a bidirectional bridge between the business requirements and the modeling of an information system. The initiative is supported by INOV-Inesc and GTE Consultants.

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Qsearch is a search engine that learns with use, which helps you to organize your organization’s documents properly, and offers search results according to your preferences, while respecting your access limits. This project was supported by FCT/UNL.

Genio is a unique platform for modeling and automatic generation of software for the digital transformation of the most innovative and competitive organizations


Quidgest is a global technology company headquartered in Lisbon and a pioneer in intelligent software modeling and generation. Through its unique generative AI platform, Genio, develops complex, urgent, and specific systems, ready to evolve continuously, flexible, and scalable for various technologies and platforms. Partners and large organizations such as governments, multinational companies, and global multilateral institutions use Quidgest’s solutions to achieve their digital strategies.

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