(Quality, Environment, Information Security, Service Management and Reconciliation of Professional, Personal and Family Life)

Quality Policy (ISO 9001)

The policy pursued by Quidgest’s management establishes, as a strategic objective, to obtain and maintain a reputation for leading the quality of the information systems it produces and the complementary services it provides, always seeking to achieve and, if possible, exceed the expectations of its customers.

This quality policy corresponds to the motto: “Quidgest, a reference in software production”.

Quidgest recognizes that the human factor is the fundamental element to obtaining the total quality of its organization. Therefore, it must give all the necessary support for a perfect understanding of this commitment.

Goals that promote customer satisfaction and the productivity of Quidgest employees or users of its information systems will be considered a priority. Therefore, they will have the full support of the management.

It is Quidgest’s policy to promote and value each employee’s personal and individual commitment to the process of continuous improvement of the quality system, encouraging and facilitating self-confidence, simplicity, and agility in each task performed.

Quidgest’s commitment is never to compromise on the quality of its products and services. Seeking and achieving the perfection of things and promoting quality in all existing processes is a permanent mission, requiring teamwork, commitment, ownership, and support from everyone on the team.

Environmental Policy (ISO 14001)

Quidgest considers that it must carry out its activity within the scope of a culture that promotes sustainable development and pollution prevention and minimizes the environmental impact.

The decision to adopt an environmental management system corresponds to a strategic option, allowing Quidgest to continue expanding its activity under applicable and internationally recognized environmental standards.

With this objective in mind, Quidgest’s Management is committed to complying with all legal requirements applicable to the exercise of its activity and voluntarily subscribing to its own needs that continuously improve its environmental performance.

Information Security Policy (ISO 27001)

Quidgest considers information an essential asset for fulfilling its functions and the activity of its customers and assumes responsibility for its protection and security.

Adopting an information security management system is a strategic decision that will allow Quidgest to continue expanding its activity according to internationally recognized standards and regulations on this matter.

To this end, Quidgest’s Management is committed to complying with all legal requirements and European regulations applicable to the exercise of its activity.

Quidgest is also committed to supporting initiatives to raise the awareness of its employees, customers, and suppliers about information security.

This Information Security Policy aims to establish requirements to ensure the appropriate level of information protection. It applies to all Information Systems that support Quidgest’s operations and business and also all Information Systems that support the operations and business of its customers.

Service Management Policy (ISO 20000-1)

Adopting a Service Management System and all other management references allows Quidgest to continue expanding its activity to continuous improvement and compliance with applicable legislation and regulations.

Quidgest ensures high-performance services in all areas of customer support activity through its Service Management System. These activities are described in the Services Portfolio within the scope of a culture of compliance, innovation, information security, and social and environmental responsibility.

Quidgest promotes efficient management of its resources, the awareness of its employees, customer satisfaction, and environmental, social, and economic sustainability. This is done by ensuring respect for the different values ​​of Quidgest’s culture and with the support of the implementation and systematization of process management.

Reconciliation Policy (NP 4552)

Quidgest recognizes the importance of promoting a healthy balance between the professional, family, and personal spheres and how this balance contributes to the overall good performance of the company and its people.

The decision to adopt a conciliation management system corresponds to a strategic option, which will allow Quidgest to continue expanding its activity according to European directives and national legislation on professional, family, and personal conciliation.

To this end, Quidgest’s Management is committed to complying with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the exercise of its activity and voluntarily subscribing to its own needs that continuously improve the performance of its conciliation management system.

Quidgest is also committed to supporting initiatives to raise the awareness of its employees, customers, and other stakeholders about work-life balance.

Message from our CEO

The Policies of Quidgest’s Integrated Management System (Quality, Environment, Information Security, Service Management, and Reconciliation of Professional, Personal, and Family Life) summarize Quidgest’s commitment to excellence:

  • Fostering a quality mindset to develop and provide information systems and services that are trusted and preferred by our clients
  • Complying with laws and regulations as well as internal requirements
  • Continuously challenging ourselves to improve our quality, environment, and information security management system
  • Encouraging participation and promotion of responsibilities amongst all employees and stakeholders

Quidgest commits to providing the required leadership, management, and resources and ensures that our policies are reviewed annually and communicated to employees and stakeholders.

Seeking and achieving perfection and promoting quality in all existing processes is a permanent mission that requires teamwork, engagement, ownership, and support. Every one of us has the power to influence it and trust through our leadership, dedication, and passion.


Q01A. Documentation and Process Management

Quidgest’s Quality procedures are institutionalized and are practiced throughout the company: “That’s the way we do things around here”.

Q01B. Quality Management System Performance

“At Quidgest, to provide Quality evidence, we use tools rather than documents”. Quality results are evident for the entire organization. “In God we trust. All others bring data” – Deming. “Output Matters”.

Q01C. Communication and Coordination

According to Quidgest’s participatory culture, 1) all existing business information is shared with all employees, 2) the organizational structure has a minimum of hierarchical levels and 3) collective decisions are quickly taken and put into practice (“Quidgest learns quickly”).

Q02A. Global Strategy and Planning

Follow a balanced and sustained growth strategy, supported by our Balanced Scorecard.

Q02B. Analysis and Decision

Make relevant decisions in a decentralized manner, according to rationality criteria shared by the entire company.

Q03A. People Management

Develop a corporate culture that promotes the values ​​of innovation, entrepreneurship, professionalism, autonomy, responsibility, participation, and collaboration. Reward merit, effort, dedication, initiative, and continuous improvement. Create a multicultural team, with a global vocation.

Q03B. Recruitment and Selection

Competence attracts competence. Innovation attracts innovation.

Q03C. Internal Training

Constantly expand and enhance the skills of Quidgest employees.

Q03D. Performance Evaluation

Recognize and reward merit, effort, dedication, initiative, and continuous improvement.

Q03E. Performance Evaluation

Quidgest’s conciliation procedures are institutionalized and are practiced throughout the company: “That’s the way we treat and respect every person around here”.

Quidgest defines and reviews its strategies, policies, practices and processes for implementing Conciliation Management in accordance with the principles and values ​​of:

  • Equality and non-discrimination
  • Conciliation
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Ethical conduct and
  • Respect for stakeholders

Q04A. Facilities and Furniture

Guarantee the effective functioning of Quidgest, through “Best value for money” options.

Q04B. Logical Infrastructure and Equipment

Ensure the effective functioning of Quidgest by providing employees with the technology and tools necessary for development.

Q05A. Project Management

Execute highly complex projects (urgent, specific, integrated, large, or continuously altered) at the level of the best that is done in the world. To develop effectively and simultaneously multiple projects, in multiple areas, as a reference company in management information systems. Get results even where others are not capable.

Q05B. Risk Management

Quidgest is recognized as a safe, stable, risk-free option. Ultimately, the risk is assumed by Quidgest.

Q05C. Validation and Acceptance

Changes that improve the solution provided to the customer, even if initially not foreseen or not contracted, can be incorporated into the supply, at Quidgest’s expense, as long as they make sense and add value to the solution.

Q05D. Process and Product Quality Assurance

Evidence of a homogeneous quality standard, of a high level and recognized by the markets where Quidgest operates.

Q06. Proposal and Project Budgeting

Demonstrate excellence, right in the Executive Summary. Find the balance between valuing Quidgest’s skills and meeting the needs of our Client’s customers

Q07. Requirements Design and Management

Encourage co-innovation and privilege customer involvement from the beginning of product design (and not just after being provided with a prototype).

Q08A. Software Development

Use exclusively the Genio platform, which is constantly expanded to accommodate the technologies and features required by new development projects. Start the systems by the data structure, more stable than the processes.

Q08B. Integration

Providing truly integrated systems: coherent, with no duplication of tasks for users and without parallel information media.

Q08C. Testing and Verification

At Quidgest, testing is not the responsibility of an outside team. “Cease dependence on inspection to achieve quality. Inspections are costly and unreliable, and they don’t improve quality, they merely find a lack of quality. Don’t just find what you did wrong, eliminate the “wrongs” altogether. ” – Deming.

Q08D. Setup and Installation

Ensure that the systems provided by Quidgest function properly in the Customer’s production environment.

Q09. Technical Assistance and Evolutive Maintenance

Ensure that Quidgest Customers have solutions forever. Ensuring that any errors detected, even in the early stages of the project life cycle, is easily and quickly corrected and does not happen again.

Q10. Training

Develop the skills of all users of Quidgest systems and increase their value and recognition in the labor market.

Q11. Documentation

Create flexible documentation (which is updated quickly) and effective (which is effectively used), privileging multimedia supports.

Q12. Marketing and Opportunity Management

Present technologically advanced solutions that contribute to the development of organizations and society. “Market the benefits, not the features of our products”.

Q13A. Customer Relationship Management

Develop bonds of trust with all customers, in a Win-Win relationship. Facilitate and learn from the complaint.

Q13B. Partner Relationship Management (QuidNet)

Develop an ecosystem of value-added partnerships, both nationally and internationally. “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go with us” – African proverb

Q13C. Customer Satisfaction Survey

Encourage customer feedback, essential for improving our performance.

Q14. Innovation and Research

Be at the forefront, worldwide, in innovation and research related to model-driven development and automatic software generation.

Q15. Technology

Structuring the automatic software development process around Genio, the platform created and continuously improved at Quidgest for the management of dynamic metamodels of functional specifications and automatic code generation.

Q16A. Security of People and Property

Ensuring permanent security for people and property.

Q16B. Information Security

Ensure the confidentiality, availability and integrity of the information under Quidgest’s responsibility. Ensure, as appropriate, that the procedures that guarantee the security of information do not impede the development of Quidgest’s activity.

Q16C. Business Continuity

Ensure that Quidgest’s activity can continue, without interruption or with a minimum of interruptions, regardless of the unpredictability and the severity of the phenomenon that causes the interruption of the activity.

Q17. Procurement

Giving opportunities to innovative suppliers.

Q18. Environment and Social Responsibility

Continuously improve environmental performance and the impact of social responsibility actions promoted by Quidgest.

Q19A. Corrective Actions

Insistently search for and eliminate the causes of defects.

Q19B. Improvement Initiatives

Continuously improving is everyone’s task. “If I didn’t die, never, and forever seek and achieve the perfection of things” – Cesário Verde.

Q19C. Internal Audits

Use internal audits as a means of ensuring the continuous improvement of procedures.

Q19D. Management Review

Ensure the alignment of the quality management system with the company’s strategic vision.


Quidgest is a global technology company headquartered in Lisbon and a pioneer in intelligent software modeling and generation. Through its unique generative AI platform, Genio, develops complex, urgent, and specific systems, ready to evolve continuously, flexible, and scalable for various technologies and platforms. Partners and large organizations such as governments, multinational companies, and global multilateral institutions use Quidgest’s solutions to achieve their digital strategies.

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