Magusto Tech powered by Quidgest

To celebrate St. Martin's Day and to welcome Autumn Quidgest organized a Magusto Tech event, bringing together more than 100 participants this year.

Innovation Management Workshop

Quidgest held an "Innovation Management Workshop" on October 27, allowing nine participants with roles in management, development, and innovation to learn about the Genio platform and understand how to build and optimize an Innovation Management system.

Erasmus+ students at Quidgest

Under the Erasmus+ program, Quidgest hosted 27 students and four professors from Waltham Forest College in the Business and IT areas. This exchange experience, which lasted two weeks, allowed these students to deepen their knowledge and skills in Genio and take their passion for technology to the next level.
A day of cycling

Victory on two wheels for Quidgest

“A day of cycling, why not?" Quidgest accepted the challenge and submitted a creative photo allusive to the day, with some "Quidgest cyclists". In the end, with a total of 16,721 votes, Quidgest was the most-voted organization in category C!

Quidgest at Future Works 2022

Quidgest was at Future.Works Lisbon 22. This event took place on the 7th and 8th of October at the Lisbon Congress Centre. Sónia Fernandes, Software Developer and Genio Trainer at Quidgest guided the workshop “Genio: why low-code if you can model?”.

Quidgest expands to the Nordic and Benelux markets

Baker Tilly partners with Quidgest to create the new competence center, called Xtream Low Code.
quidgest anniversary

Quidgest 32nd Anniversary

Quidgest celebrated its 32nd anniversary. The company puts the most advanced software engineering at the service of the best management.
xtreme low code center

Baker Tilly creates Xtreme Low Code center

Baker Tilly partners with Quidgest to create the new competence center, called Xtream Low Code.


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Quidgest is a global technology company, a pioneer in automatic software modeling and generation. Through the extreme low-code platform Genio presents a vast portfolio of solutions, in different areas, aimed at continuous improvement in the management of companies and public institutions of excellence.

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