Quidgest has been producing software in a unique and innovative way for three decades. Our publications reflect this accumulated experience and our role in the digital transformation of companies and organizations in the most varied sectors of activity. They also present the major trends that will mark the near future.

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This is Quidgest’s biannual magazine where you can read about the company’s main news: information on new products, new projects, events, workshops, success stories, partnerships and other relevant institutional initiatives for organizations that collaborate daily with Quidgest.

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A programmer who writes code manually can only achieve 16 function points/month. This is why it usually takes a huge number of developers and a long timeframe to build a software solution. This study of function points shows that the Genio platform productivity is incomparably higher than manual programming and low-code platforms.

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“The best way to predict your future is to create it”, as Abraham Lincoln used to say. Many came after him and were also committed to build a better future for everyone.

With our 30 years of experience and projects in all countries in a variety of sectors, Quidgest’s consultants network has a privileged perspective on the trends that are going to guide our near future.

We share these views with you in this document, with a forecast of 5 years.

We dare to turn visible what still is not obvious. To detect nearly imperceptible changes which show impressive results and risk to define strategies for the future.

We regularly provide technical information: studies, white  papers, opinion articles and journals on technology development and research

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Quidgest is a global technology company, a pioneer in automatic software modeling and generation. Through the extreme low-code platform Genio presents a vast portfolio of solutions, in different areas, aimed at continuous improvement in the management of companies and public institutions of excellence.

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