If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

(African proverb)

Each partner has the autonomy to develop its specific projects, supported by the best platform of automatic modeling and generation of software and the know-how of Quidgest. QuidNet is an international network of partners who use Genio to generate their own solutions.

The network’s competitive advantage is the dramatic reduction of time required to develop management software and the sharing of a set of resources that are part of a wide range of business, processes and technologies related with the development of information systems.


We know that no company by itself, regardless of size, reputation or service, can respond effectively to all requests of its customers.

That is why we are committed to forming partnerships to create an international network that can effectively share and reap the benefits of Genio. It is this concept of sharing rather than selling that differentiates QuidNet from other automatic generation projects.

The use of a common platform allows partners to have the autonomy to develop their own solutions in a much more competitive way (less time, less effort, fewer resources), access to an international “library” of solutions, modules, and functionalities contribute to the improvement of Genio.



With the aim of creating differentiating value in the field of education and vocational training and guaranteeing students the opportunity to develop their skills, with the know-how, suited to the 21st century job market, Quidgest continuously establishes several partnerships with Schools and Universities that want to be one step ahead in their field.

Let´s work together!


Quidgest is a global technology company, a pioneer in automatic software modeling and generation. Through the extreme low-code platform Genio presents a vast portfolio of solutions, in different areas, aimed at continuous improvement in the management of companies and public institutions of excellence.

Quidgest is a certified company


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