Quidgest_Academy is an innovative training project that shares the benefits of software development using the most advanced modeling and automatic code generation platform – Genio.

In an increasingly technological world, the IT market is no longer exclusive for programmers. With this incredible training, software development is available to a wide range of new talents. Only basic logic mindset and business knowledge are required.



PORTUGAL | LisboaMarch: 04 – 08 (L1) Full
March: 18 – 22 (L1)
April: 01 – 05 (L1)
April: 15 – 19 (L1)
May: 06 – 10 (L1)
May: 13 – 24 (L2)
ANGOLA | LuandaMarch: 18 – 22 (L1)
April: 01 – 05 (L1)
May: 13 – 24 (L2)
With Partner: Azulchip
ARGENTINA | Buenos AiresMarch: 18 – 22 (L1)
April: 01 – 05 (L1)
May: 13 – 24 (L2)
With Partner: Bakertilly Academia
CANADA | TorontoApril: 15 – 19 (L1)
May: 06 – 10 (L1)
May: 13 – 24 (L2)
With Partner: InfraBiz
EAST TIMOR | DiliApril: 15 – 19 (L1)
May: 06 – 10 (L1)
May: 13 – 24 (L2)
With Partner: Quidgest Timor
EL SALVADOR | San SalvadorMarch: 18 – 22 (L1)
April: 01 – 05 (L1)
With Partner: SST
FRANCE | ToulouseMarch: 18 – 22 (L1)
April: 01 – 05 (L1)
With Partner: SGPP Europe
GERMANY | HamburgApril: 15 – 19 (L1)
May: 06 – 10 (L1)
With Partner: i-CEM
ICELAND | ReykjavikMarch: 18 – 22 (L1)
April: 01 – 05 (L1)
May: 13 – 24 (L2)
With Partner: Sunnan 10
JAMAICA | KingstonMarch 18 – 22 (L1)
April 01 – 05 (L1)
May 13 – 24 (L2)
With Partner: Spacebar
MOROCCO | CasablancaMarch 18 – 22 (L1)
April 01 – 05 (L1)
May 13 – 24 (L2)
With Partner: SGPP Europe
MOZAMBIQUE | MaputoMarch 18 – 22 (L1)
April 01 – 05 (L1)
May 13 – 24 (L2)
With Partner: Quidgest Moçambique
NETHERLANDS | AmsterdamApril: 15 – 19 (L1)
May: 06 – 10 (L1)
With Partner: n!Transformers
NORWAY | OsloApril: 15 – 19 (L1)
May: 06 – 10 (L1)
With Partner: Prios
SPAIN | Santiago de CompostelaApril: 15 – 19 (L1)
May: 06 – 10 (L1)
With Partner: Dimensiona
UK | LondonApril: 15 – 19 (L1)
May: 06 – 10 (L1)
With Partner: ITP
USA | MiamiApril: 15 – 19 (L1)
May: 06 – 10 (L1)
With Partner: Connect2Global
  • 40 hours
    9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Lisbon Time Zone
    (WET / WEST)

  • From Monday to Friday

  • In-person or online format | Flexible hours with e-learning content support


“Genio training gave me the knowledge to be able to create a complex system, from scratch, in just one week. This platform is fantastic and easy to use, even for those with little programming knowledge!”

Ricardo AlvesGenio Training of Trainers student

“Due to my background in computer engineering and programming, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that, with Genio, I can do much more in much less time, and without all the limitations I thought existed. Despite being an automatic coding platform, the code is completely under my control. I look forward to sharing this knowledge with other professionals in this area of great future.”

Diogo CabralGenio Training of Trainers student

“After this phase of adaptation to Genio, we are already developing a system in the area of ​​food in the hospital environment. During this phase, we always had Quidgest’s support in everything we needed, which allowed us to evolve and enhance the solution we are developing. We intend that the partnership can expand so that we can take full advantage of the platform’s potential.”

Rui AlcobiaClinical Solutions Director | Iberdata Sistema

“The training allowed me to better understand how Genio works and showed me that building an information system is possible even without programming skills.”

Carla NevesInformation Security Technician, EuroBic

“The Certification Program in Genio has allowed me to deepen my knowledge and learn new concepts that will surely help me better respond to the challenges and needs of my clients and their technology solutions. The practical context of the training is undoubtedly one of its strengths and added value in this type of training. I also emphasize the availability and experience of the trainer, with the identification of case studies and projects as a means of explaining the concepts.”

Hugo RibeiroHR Consultant | Quidgest

“The training course in Genio came as part of a project of the curricular unit Project of Technologies and Information Systems, with the purpose of creating a computer platform to support the Management of Research & Development Programs. Given the complexity inherent in the problem at hand, and the features “promised” by Genio, curiosity and expectations regarding at this platform were quite high. In fact, in about a week, Genio not only facilitated the implementation of the intended features, but also provided a new way of looking at application development. Of note was the sympathy and availability of the trainer, who were also essential for the development of the project to be possible. No doubt Genio is an asset”

Beatriz MenesesMaster’s student in Information Systems Management and Engineering at Universidade do Minho

“The opportunity for training in Genio arose from the need to create a computer platform to support the management of a Research & Development Unit. Genio facilitated and greatly accelerated the process of creating the application, since its complexity would require several weeks of development if a conventional programming language were used.
In my case, since I already had specialized knowledge in the area of Technologies and Information Systems (for example, in databases), it was relatively easy for me to understand the operation of Genio and to realize its full potential in about a week. One of the strengths of the training was undoubtedly the trainer who, through his experience and availability, was able to make the final solution more robust and complete.”

Carolina CerqueiraMaster’s student in Information Systems Management and Engineering at Universidade do Minho

“Given the need to develop a platform to support a research and development unit at the University of Minho, the possibility of a training in Genio arose. The realization of this training was undoubtedly fundamental to help understand the methodology of development and to exploit Genio’s more advanced features. As this is the first time I have come into contact with a code generation platform based on high-level specifications, Genio’s potential and the speed it has to generate solutions came to surprise me with the positive. The training was very useful and productive during all four days. In fact, before the training I had no idea that it would achieve such a significant progress in the development of the application in a short time. I have to thank for the great attention and availability of the trainer.”

Inês PereiraMaster’s student in Information Systems Management and Engineering at Universidade do Minho

“Genio training allowed me to deepen knowledge, not only with regard to the tool itself, but also with respect to a different from conventional application development approach (based on code writing). The training resulted from the need to implement a computer system capable of supporting the management of research programs and projects, in a fast, agile and sophisticated way. The solution obtained at the end of the formation already contained the main functionalities required initially, as well as new characteristics resulting from the perspectives that were opened during its development (during Genio formation). The experience and the availability of the trainer were also an asset to the project. In about a week of contact with Genio, it was possible to create an application that would certainly take several weeks to develop using a web programming language.”

Margarida SequeiraMaster’s student in Information Systems Management and Engineering at Universidade do Minho

“Genio training is very important because it allows you to take advantage of its features quickly and efficiently, and it allowed me to develop the knowledge necessary to work with the platform. My previous training in the area of Technologies and Information Systems was also helpful in accelerating training. Genio provided the opportunity to quickly create a computer application that would be time-consuming and complex to develop. Generally speaking, the training provided the tools and help needed to use Genio and develop applications without coding.”

Maria Inês SilvaMaster’s student in Information Systems Management and Engineering at Universidade do Minho

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Quidgest is a global technology company headquartered in Lisbon and a pioneer in intelligent software modeling and generation. Through its unique generative AI platform, Genio, develops complex, urgent, and specific systems, ready to evolve continuously, flexible, and scalable for various technologies and platforms. Partners and large organizations such as governments, multinational companies, and global multilateral institutions use Quidgest’s solutions to achieve their digital strategies.

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