Agile Learning for a Future-Ready Workforce

The ability to keep acquiring new skills was never so crucial as it is today. According to Gartner, since 2017, the total number of skills needed in the average job rose 10% year over year, and over half of the total required skills are new ones that are displacing old skills.

The nature of the work is changing, and organizations’ efforts to promote continuous learning among their teams should be at an all-time high. Reskilling and upskilling are keywords in modern organizations that want to either upgrade their people to higher roles or shift them to different business fields.

“But if skills are constantly changing, why shouldn’t I focus on recruiting new people? Instead, maybe I should focus on the ones that just graduated and have fresh ideas on how to grow my company?” – you may wonder.

In a time when competencies are permanently shifting, leaders must focus their efforts on endowing their people with long-lasting skills that support the organizational strategy. Start by teaching your people how to manage, communicate, and learn effectively, for instance – this is the foundation of everything and will complement the constant technical updates. After that, you may want to start with role-specific skills and advance to the development of new ones.

By awarding your teams with knowledge, the people who are loyal and have stayed with you for years (and have a deep understanding of how your business works) will be able to suggest changes, support growth, and keep their motivation during hard times.

Agile Learning

It is true that no organization can thrive unless their team’s learning keeps up with the market needs. However, it is also true that traditional training is often too expensive, time-consuming, and slow to cope with the constant market shifts.

Agile learning, a method that brings agile principles to education, tackles the problems associated with traditional training. It focuses on three main aspects:

Speed and efficiency: Reduce the time it takes an employee to acquire the necessary competencies to do their job most efficiently and effectively;

Flexibility: Learn skills when and how they want (i.e., through the devices and times that better suit their learning habits);

Collaboration: Exchange ideas and help peers in the same activity field to propel the team’s knowledge.

Organizations are more and more adopting this employee empowerment strategy. According to Gartner, by 2025, 70% of large enterprises will have agile learning approaches in place.

Yet, third-party courses and training programs will most likely fail to cope with the specific needs. That is why the most successful companies are developing their own pieces of training via an internal learning platform.

Learning Management System

Quidgest developed an artificial intelligence-powered learning technology to help companies make the best out of their internal training initiatives. It allows users to keep motivated by tracking progress and goals and combining content creation with a premium learner experience and data analytics.

It combines a variety of different functionalities to make learning an excellent experience. Here are a few of them:

  • Quizzes to evaluate users’ knowledge;
  • Subscription to communication channels to notify users about the latest news;
  • News and favorite content section;
  • Configuration of the profile to see the most relevant content on the homepage.

Moreover, it also helps employers with better onboardings, compliance training, or even customer and partner educational programs.

All in all, it is a comprehensive solution for any organization seeking to provide a flexible, fun, and adaptive learning opportunity to employees.

Do not postpone your employees and your company’s future. Instead, educate them via a state-of-art platform that already has dozens of thousands of users. Contact us to discover more.

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