10 REQUIREMENTS for a higher specification value.
Give wings to innovation. Border WHY, WHEN and even WHAT, but leave the vendor free to define the best HOW. A good specification is halfway to a successful project.


Clone Element
Numa óptica de renovação dos seus sistemas, o Hotel Ritz Four Seasons confiou à Quidgest o desenvolvimento de uma solução de Gestão de Recursos Humanos integrada com toda a estratégia da empresa.

A Gestão Integrada de Informação é uma solução completa e intuitiva, que faz a gestão transversal de todo o ciclo de vida da informação dentro de uma organização.

Since there were several systems in each department, NOVA need to acquire a global and integrated solution in order to avoid the multiple costs of licensing, maintenance, integrations and management.

The development of the Portal of the Funding Entities was born, from a need identified by CITE, that was materialized in the creation of an online system that allowed to consult the registries related to the judicial condemnation of organizations for violation of the rights of the workers.

The Universidade Nova de Lisboa (NOVA) and its 11 departments can now use the new Quidgest’s SINGAP platform, which includes human resources management, financial and patrimonial management and project management modules.

General Staff of the Armed Forces (EMGFA) sought to implement an high secure document management solution, that would guarantee a correct management and storing of all correspondence processed in its organizational structure.

BSC solution allows solving the communication problem of planning as a whole, using a holistic vision for CCDR Alentejo.

Quidgest developed a system for managing Timor-Leste Democratic Republic Public Service Workers, under United Nations Development Program (UNDP).