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Universidade Nova de Lisboa, better known as NOVA, is a renamed institution that is currently undertaking deep transformations. Since February 2017 it is a Public Foundation and from this moment it started a transformation of processes of its 11 departments so they can use a single tax number and still maintain their autonomy and specific function.

Since there were several systems in each department, NOVA need to acquire a global and integrated solution in order to avoid the multiple costs of licensing, maintenance, integrations and management.


NOVA was seeking for a technological leap in its organization. The target was to balance the way of processing information with flexibility and respect for the differences of each department, spread around Lisbon area. Other objective was to normalize the proceedings and real-time management indicators for the administrative figures of each department and the whole foundation. The ultimate goal was to provide the University with an evolutionary and flexible system that was compatible with its Digital Transformation and leverage their competitive position in Higher Education global market.

Apart from the various ERP systems, there were several other applications that the new ERP had to be integrated.

Additionally, to this process there was the need to unify processes and proceedings and a change in the administrative and financial management model.


The solution includes thee modules: Human Resources, Financial and Logistics and Assets Management + Project Management. The main features were:

  • Dematerialization
  • Access control and management
  • Web-based
  • Automation of information processing
  • Export of statistical data
  • Production of management indicators
  • Scalability
  • Help fields on the various forms
  • Full integration of information
  • Usability


The Pay-roll system is working in all departments since May 2017. Financial and Assets Management is being used since July of the same year, enabling Nova to submit the first integrated financial balance to the Directorate-General of Budgets.

In July 2018, all the departments joined their accountings and information automatically and in real-time, allowing to export orientating maps of those relationships.

The level of integration that this solution provided is unique in the market and implies a high degree of innovation. It was developed in close collaboration with NOVA and provides invaluable information for high level decision-making.

“In 2017 we faced the challenge of implementing SINGAP in three big areas: Finances, Human resources and Projects. We succeed. In 2018 the challenge was different, we needed to report on time to the National Audit Office and the Directorate-general of Budgets, for which we would had to integrate the accounting information from our 11 departments. We did it again! Congratulations to my team and Quidgest consultants” – “But we want more. NOVA provides excellent education and research and we want to keep in our path of an excellent management”.

Ana Rita Marante, Service Director and Director of the NOVA ERP Project

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