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ERP Quidgest @ Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Universidade Nova de Lisboa (NOVA) and its 11 departments can now use the new Quidgest’s SINGAP platform, which includes human resources management, financial and patrimonial management and project management modules. This innovative project, was implemented in a record time.

NOVA is carrying out great transformations. It has become a public foundation, since February 2017 . This caused a profound change process. It standardized the processes of all the departments, that now use a unique tax number while ensuring its autonomy and specific characteristics. This project fits into the national and international affirmation strategy of NOVA and has the objective of becoming a competitive advantage in this dynamic consolidation and its digital transformation. With about 20,000 students, of whom 2,000 are foreigners from 100 nationalities, 1700 teachers, 80 PhD programs and 40 research units, it is the only Portuguese University with less than 50 years among the top 50 in the world.

The substitution of different previous management systems at such short term was possible with the help of Quidgest, winner of an international tender, through its innovative technology and long experience and recognition for the quality of the service in the public administration, particularly in the area of education and higher education.

Payroll processing for all Units was implemented in about 3 months. Financial and Asset Management were in operation a month later, when the Foundation issued the consolidated balance sheet, of all Units, to the state budget department (DGO).

This is one of the most advanced integrated management systems on the market. It is based on the latest technology (web, mobile, SQL, MVC) and developed with modeling and automatic software generation through Quidgest’s “codeless” platform, Genio. This will allow the NOVA community to be more agile accompanying activities, facing the constant and big challenges of university management with dynamism.

Beatriz Guimaraes – Quidgest project manager – “we are used to big challenges implementing complex solutions, in different countries, but this was one of the biggest in the history of our company since it was within a constraining deadline, of a big dimension and included a great amount of innovations. The recent creation of the NOVA Foundation and new procedures needed to support itsnew reality, made the challenge even greater.” She added that “this is a story of success that we are creating, not just for one of the most innovative universities in the country, but also for all the big companies and national institutions, seeking to innovate and improve its performance, with less costs, in its ERP.”

Already in production, the system will continue its development planned for the following phases, in the following years.

It is decisive and urgent that all public bodies join the new SNC-AP. Quidgest SINGAP Web solution is very intuitive for any public institution, so the migration from former POC systems is relatively easy to perform. The highly experienced and specialized Quidgest team and its partners are prepared to provide the necessary support. In addition, this new version has a large number of features that allow its users for an easier migration to the new standard, including the possibility of a parallel POC (P / E / AL) or SNC with SNC-AP and greater mobility.

A final word of gratitude to the staff of NOVA for the constant challenges to the more than 40 Quidgest technicians involved in this project, useful enrich the solution in a co-innovation process, very characteristic of Portuguese technology project.


Quidgest is a global technology company headquartered in Lisbon and a pioneer in intelligent software modeling and generation. Through its unique generative AI platform, Genio, develops complex, urgent, and specific systems, ready to evolve continuously, flexible, and scalable for various technologies and platforms. Partners and large organizations such as governments, multinational companies, and global multilateral institutions use Quidgest’s solutions to achieve their digital strategies.

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