Model-driven solutions are able to radically increase a developer’s productivity, which poses the question: “What role will the developer of the future have in an organization and what skills should they have to use these new tools?”.

This MeetUp will debunk several assumptions related to updating legacy systems and showcase how via Genio this task can be a swift and uncomplicated process.

Digital Twins represent a valuable methodology in terms of simulation and digital representation of a reality that everyone views as unchangeable and, therefore, non-optimizable.

Why is it so difficult to create software without bugs? Having in mind that Quality Assurance is not Quality Control, our experts will address many hot topics.

The 12th edition of Q-Day was scheduled for September 23, 2020. However, given the reasons we all know this edition is postponed to 2021.

The New Spring of Artificial Intelligence and models”: the central theme of Q-Day Conference 2019.
An annual reflection on the paths of technology, economy and society. The invited country, this year, Germany.

The Computer Engineering Department from the Instituto Superior Técnico from Lisbon and Quidgest are collaborating to promote different technology gatherings. In this edition, the key speaker is professor Vasco Amaral from FCT/UNL.