EuroBic: Compliance, Productivity, and Cost Reduction


EuroBic, a Portuguese bank founded in 2008 that counts 182 commercial structures and about 1.500 employees, opted for Quidgest’s Data Protection Management system to support its compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and boost its teams’ productivity.


The challenges caused by the introduction of the GDPR, which came into force in 2018, and other national and international legislation and regulations in data protection led EuroBic to seek a solution that would support compliance with the rules in force.

According to Carla Neves, Data Protection Officer at EuroBic, other challenges that the banking institution sought to resolve included managing all data protection-related issues for the different internal areas involved and the activity of the DPO’s organic structure.

Therefore, EuroBic was looking for an agile tool to support the management of the different processes related to data protection, such as the Register of Processing Activities and Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA), and equip the structure with mechanisms for reporting on its internal activity.


The solution implemented by a CIPP/E certified team is composed of all the Quidgest Data Protection Management System modules (Data Protection Management, Data Holder Management, Data Holder Portal, Supplier Portal, and Task Management).

Together, the modules allow monitoring all the compliance procedures with the RGPD, notifying, advising, and articulating each responsible person for each task. This way, all those involved at EuroBic enjoy a substantial increase in productivity.


Almost two years after the system’s implementation, EuroBic’s Data Protection Officer points out that one of the main advantages the team has felt is the “centralization of key processes required by GDPR, with the possibility of creating workflows for the interaction of all the intervening areas”.

Concerning information management, Carla Neves adds that the tool has fostered information sharing and communication between services – due to a single database – and has facilitated data control and monitoring by various users.

On the other hand, as mentioned above, individual and collective productivity has improved substantially – something that is due in particular to five factors provided by the solution

Simplification of information processing

Reduction of errors through validation and automatic filling mechanisms

Greater speed in executing operations

Standardization of processes within the organization

Process automation

In total, after the implementation of the system, the organization estimates that operating costs have decreased by between 10 and 20%.


“Quidgest’s team demonstrated a strong sense of collaboration and competence, as well as an extraordinary ability to understand our needs and meet them. We believe that this was an effective team effort between the Bank and Quidgest to improve the platform and optimize it according to the needs of its current and future users. The great advantage of the services offered is precisely their plasticity and ability to adapt to each client, quite different from the turnkey solutions offered by the market.”

Carla Neves, EuroBic´s Data Protection Officer


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