Rigor and Confidentiality of Information and Cost Reduction


The Army’s primary mission is to participate, in an integrated manner, in the military defense of the Republic. Accordingly, it is oriented towards the generation, preparation, and sustainment of forces of the operational component of the force system.

The Army is responsible for:

Participating in international military missions required to ensure the State’s global military commitments, including humanitarian and peacekeeping missions undertaken by international organizations of which Portugal is a member;

Participating in missions outside the national territory, in an autonomous or multinational framework, aimed at safeguarding the life and interests of Portugal;

Executing the actions of technical-military cooperation in projects in which it is the primarily responsible entity, following the respective framework programs;

Participating in the cooperation of the Armed Forces with the security forces and services following the law and collaborating in civil protection missions in tasks related to satisfying basic needs and improving the quality of life of the population;

Ensure the fulfillment of approved particular missions, of missions regulated by specific legislation, and of other assignments of an operational nature assigned to it.


The amount of information in circulation, the high levels of confidentiality, and the need for rigorous organization of this information were the basis for implementing Quidgest’s solution.

In terms of the various activities developed by the institution, it was found that the volumes of information – internal and external – required a more complex and integrated organization of knowledge to ensure better management, operational efficiency, and cost reduction in copying and printing.

This concern was to respond to the current challenges posed by the information society, to improve procedures that are determinant for decision support and performance that led to the reengineering of processes related to information management in the Portuguese Army.


Since the systems reflect the internal organization of institutions, Quidgest sought to develop a solution that answered the particularities of an institution such as the Portuguese Army.

The Integrated Information Management solution developed for the Army manages all the external or internal information of the organization.

Some of the system’s functionalities include:

  • Document registration

  • Classification according to a classification plan

  • File attachment

  • Creation of new documents through templates

  • Managing document versions

  • Deadline control

  • Aggregation of documents in processes

  • Information exportation

  • Report production

  • Absence management

In addition to the Integrated Information Management module, there is the Information Management Web Portal and the Microsoft Outlook Integration Add-in.

The system also guarantees the traceability and rapid circulation of documents through ad hoc routing or previously defined workflows. Another aspect to highlight is the enhanced security of the information provided since access to the application is limited according to the access levels assigned to each user and the confidentiality levels set to the documents.


With the implementation of this solution, it became possible to control the entire document lifecycle, have support for management control mechanisms that allow for effective decision-making at all levels of command, and ensure coordination and synchronization of Army activities.

There was also an effective cost reduction with the dematerialization of paper and the use of electronic signatures. Information sharing among the various units, data monitoring, or elimination of parallel information were some of the visible results that came from using the system by employees. Simplified processes, speed in the execution of operations, error reduction, process standardization, and automation are the words that best characterize the post-implementation and are at the origin of the productivity increase verified.

The Portuguese Army reduced 40 to 50 % of its operational costs with Quidgest’s solution.


“The team led by Dr. Beatriz Guimarães made every effort to develop and adapt the application to the Army’s needs and all the typical specificities of a military unit, establishment, or organ. The support was excellent, and the results obtained were as expected.”

Lieutenant Colonel João Albuquerque Barroso, Information Systems Section Chief


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