LUSOPONTE – more agile operations and in accordance with the GDPR

Lusoponte chooses Quidgest GDPR system


Founded in 1994, Lusoponte is the concessionaire of the two main crossings over the Tagus River: 25 de Abril Bridge and Vasco da Gama Bridge, which are crossed by over 36.5 million vehicles annually. Lusoponte has also been given an exclusive concession for the construction and operation of a third crossing of the river. The privately-held company has approximately 120 employees.


With the advent of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Lusoponte sought to meet the new standards imposed by the European Union and created the role of Data Protection Officer.

Pedro Oliveira, the organization’s current Data Protection Officer, recalls that after turning to consultants and legal and technological partners, his team concluded that a support software was needed to achieve the objectives. “At the time, we consulted with some companies and AXIANS advised us to move forward with Quidgest.”

The services provided by Quidgest went beyond mere GDPR compliance – the Quidgest solution provided the team with new agility and efficiency. Some of the most useful updates highlighted were “the process extraction of the tasks that were defined in the risk mitigation plan” and “the ability to deliver annual reports to management more quickly” – tasks that previously had to be done manually, that the team is now able to automate.


The solution implemented by the Quidgest team consisted of two modules: Data Protection Management and Data Subject Management. Its integration, which also involved the analysis of data from the evaluation carried out by the Lusoponte team, as well as the migration of data from the GDPR measures, information processing activities and repositories, allowed for greater information sharing and greater control and monitoring of data by multiple users. Among other benefits of the system, Lusoponte also highlighted:

  • Greater communication between services, through a single database;
  • Elimination of parallel information;
  • Notification of tasks.


With the implementation of the two modules, the Lusoponte team is set to meet all the objectives defined at the start of the project and overcome the challenges it previously faced, which Quidgest set out to solve. The new system is already being used by several employees and, according to the Lusoponte DPO, it will soon be used by all project managers, so that the entire structure of the company can take advantage of this new, more agile and efficient working method.

Information management, one of the most relevant aspects of the two modules, allowed for:

  • Simplification of information processing

  • Reduction of errors through validation and automatic filling mechanisms

  • Greater speed in the execution of operations

  • Efficient entering of data

Lusoponte also saw an increase in productivity, as the system allowed:

  • Normalization of intra-organizational processes;
  • Non-duplication of efforts;
  • Automation of processes.

Finally, it is worth noting a reduction in operating costs between 20 and 30 percent, after the implementation of the Quidgest system.


Even though – at the date, this text is being written – the team is still populating the database and delivering the tool to project managers, the Lusoponte Data Protection Officer already sees positive results in terms of productivity and efficiency: “We have already managed to follow what has been done and what remains to be done” and adds that in addition to the Quidgest team having explained in a language “down-to-earth to the entire team, even to people who are not technicians”, showed “quite a lot of goodwill and even more than what we had asked for”.

Pedro Oliveira, Data Protection Officer da Lusoponte


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