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Since the end of the Civil War, in 1992, the Government of El Salvador has been actively promoting economic growth, political stability and a peaceful transition to a democratic system in El Salvador.

Creation of a system that allowed the rapid and efficient collection of data, ensuring a better management of collected information.


One of the main challenges the Government faces today regards its displaced Population, in particular the estimated 100,000 Veterans of the Civil War, from both the Armed Forces and Guerrilla, who are dispersed throughout the territory of El Salvador.
With this in mind, in 2012, the Government of El Salvador decided to conduct a country-wide Census of the War Veterans. This Census was performed by Government officials through the filling out of paper based forms, a process which proved to be costly, inefficient and time-consuming.


The Government decided to reopen the Census process in 2015, this time employing Quidgest to create a War Veterans Management system that would allow for a quick and efficient collection of Census data, that would better manage the information gathered.
In 2015 when a new Census was conducted, Government officials were able to input information into a centralized database of the system created by Quidgest that collected all information regarding the War Veterans. Immediate access to all information and history related to any Veteran was a main feature of the system.
The system also allowed to search for relevant information, edit forms, export information, issue documentation, manage applications and requests from the Veterans and, in a later stage, automatically issue special identification cards for the Veterans.


The automatic issuance of identification cards was another key component of the system that has helped improve Government services. Through the presentation of their Identification cards, the Veterans can now access a myriad of services, such as State funded health services, as of May 2017. It is expected that this feature will be adapted to an array of other public services in the future, such as, for example, pensions.

“With easy access to reliable, up-to date, accurate and detailed information regarding War Veterans, the Government of Salvador can now plan, monitor, evaluate, compare data and take appropriate action in a faster and more efficient way, based on the information available in the system.”

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