Optimize human resources management in the luxury hotel industry


Ritz Four Seasons Hotel, based in Lisbon, is managed by Four Seasons, a world leader in luxury hotels.

Its mission is to satisfy the needs and tastes of its customers with high quality standards.

For an organization of this dimension, with a high number of collaborators, it is essential to have technologically advanced and integrated management solutions, capable of responding quickly to the requests and alterations necessary.

Ritz Four Seasons Hotel trusted Quidgest to develop a brand new human resources management solution, integrated with the entire digital transformation strategy of the company.


The system that Ritz used previously was not adequate to their needs, which put the competitiveness and efficiency of the company at risk.

The main objectives of the project were to improve service performance levels and reduce costs in human resource management.


During the implementation, which lasted two months, our technicians moved to Ritz hotel to give training on the system and facilitate the change. After this, there was a transition phase in which both systems, new and old, worked in parallel, to make the necessary migrations and make the gradual and peaceful adaptation.

In this project, the following purposes were implemented: employee process management, assiduity, payroll processing, salary map issuance, performance evaluation, follow-up of training actions and mandatory statistics. The total integration of the different processes was guaranteed to comply with the rules of Ritz Hotel.


With this solution, the hotel was able to:

  • Increase the levels of average productivity per worker, through greater speed in the execution of operations, not duplicate efforts and reduce errors through validation and autocomplete mechanisms.
  • Relate human resources management with business management, quickly identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the structure of the workforce;
  • Encourage integration and management by processes, increasing competitiveness and increasing value for the client;
  • Optimize the management of information through a better exchange of information, control and monitoring of data by several users and the elimination of parallel information.
  • Save more than ten hours per week in the tasks carried out with the support of Quidgest system.

With Quidgest’s Human Resources Management software, we achieved a significant increase in the quality of the work produced, which results in the reduction of workers’ doubts about the processing of salaries. There was also a significant reduction in the time required for the execution of tasks.

Quidgest team shows great sympathy, total availability to solve our issues and flexibility in adapting the program to our needs.

Rosina Resende, Assistant of Human Resources Director

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