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QISeguros is based in Viseu and has developed its activity in association with two companies: Lourenço & Costa Consultoria Empresarial and Telmo Pereira, Consultoria Lda.

QISeguros considered that Quidgest presented not only the intended software at an advantageous price, but also proved to have the required experience for the implementation of the project.


The three companies, from the insurance, consulting and accounting areas respectively, felt the need to adopt a system of shared services through which they could access the information of their stakeholders and manage all the documentation related to the policies and applications to funded projects. Additionally, there was a gap regarding the accounting documentation of their clients.


The solution manages the whole Expertise Process and the related documentation, from the initial request register to the finalization of billing process, as well as the automatic processing of documentation for support in communication with insurance companies and a better control of deadlines.


The main results achieved with the implementation of Cr.doc are the making it possible for the clients to access their institutional and fiscal documentation, a simpler and more intuitive digital archive, faster and more efficient routing routines and the correction of failures in the customer relationship. At the level of information management, there is a better exchange of information, greater control and monitoring of data by several users and greater communication between services, through a single database.

The main advantage of the Cr.doc software acquisition is the existence of a single solution for Document Management and CRM. In addition to that, it is also possible, based on the feedback obtained, to act and decide on marketing and service policies that allow QISeguros to maximize the value of each client individually. The Quidgest team stood out throughout the project for its friendliness, quality and professionalism.

Telmo Pereira, QISeguros Manager.

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