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Portugália Airlines works in the flight operations, maintenance, and training areas (MRO). Created in 1990, the company started its internationalization two years later, with regular flights to Cologne, Turin, and Strasbourg. In mid-2007, PGA became part of the TAP group, working exclusively for the group as a flight capacity provider by renting aircraft.

The main objectives achieved with the solution were the efficient operationalization of the training, examination and audit process.


In order to respond to the challenges of the European Agency for Aviation and Aviation Safety (EASA) and obtain the Part 147 Certification of the National Institute of Civil Aviation (INAC), PGA felt the need to implement training management software.

The main objective of this project was to develop a system that would respond to regulatory compliance demanded by regulatory entities, which would be easy to use, quick to develope, easily adaptable, safe and reliable.


Currently, the system allows the organization to manage the entire process of training, examination and audition, as well as the management of the entire pedagogical process, allowing an integrated and systematized management of all requirements, records and documents. On the other hand, the process of automatic generation of exams is in accordance with European regulation 1149/2011, allowing generating tests of basic and type training (theoretical and practical component). In addition, the management module for audits and non-conformities to develop audit plans, define requirements and export forms and reports was developed specifically for PGA.


The main objectives achieved with the solution were the efficient operationalization of the training, examination and audit process. Additionally, the implementation of the system allowed obtaining the Certificate of Technical Approval issued by the INAC.

“I can say that it was a pleasure to work with the entire Quidgest team, from the business consulting part, to the strategic development department and the technical department. Despite of the great value of Genio, I believe that the people who work with the platform are the true key factor of the company. In short, the Quidgest team is excellence reflected in a set.”

Daniel Coimbra, Quality Manager of PGA-MTO

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