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Institute of Employment and Vocational Training (IEFP) was created in 1979 with the aim of integrating the execution of official employment and vocational training policies into a single agency. Since its inception, it has invested in the modernization of its services through the implementation of IT solutions. Within the framework of the Public Administration, it has been a pioneer in the adoption of a data source of national scope that has allowed an integrated management of its activity.

With the aim of improving and facilitating the management of the training and certification of trainers’ system, the IEFP decided to implement an electronic portal for this purpose: NetForce.


The high number of candidatures for pedagogical certification, by trainers, and the pressure felt at this level in the services led the IEFP to implement the NetForce portal.

The entire system of training and certification of trainers by the IEFP was largely managed and operated manually and on paper. This process, which averaged more than 20,000 users and nearly 200 training entities per year, implied the mobilization of many human resources (at the central services level) of the five regional delegations and two employment centers. In addition to the dimension and volume of work involved in this process, there was the limitation of territorial dispersion in the management of processes, which caused very high response times.


The NetForce portal is a management system for trainers that, according to the legislation, allows the realization of online candidatures, the management of the entire analysis and decision process, the issuance of the respective certificates and the candidatures for homologation of training courses.

The main concerns associated with the implementation of the project, apart from the administrative simplification, were to ensure greater speed in the responses to users and entities, as well as the decrease in human resources that affected their operationalization, guaranteeing the necessary efficiency in the control of the execution of the training and its results.

Quidgest’s knowledge in the business area was essential for the development of the project, since the training and certification system is quite complex, either because of the size or because of the diversity and specificity of the issues. It is necessary to emphasize that the knowledge of the company made the search of the best solutions for the problems that were arising easier.


IEFP managed to increase the average productivity per worker and reduced its operating costs in this domain by approximately 50% after the implementation of the NetForce Portal. The improvements in the exchange of information and the control and monitoring of data by several users were the verifiable results.

Thus, through the automation of processes, the simplification of information processing, the reduction of errors through the mechanisms of validation and autocompletion and a greater speed in the execution of operations.

The IEFP thanks the Quidgest team for the availability, commitment and good will to solve problems. We feel that, during the project, we are all part of the same team

Conceição Matos, Director of the Professional Training Department

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