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António Sérgio Cooperativa para a Economia Social (CASES) was founded with the objective of recognizing, promoting, organizing, strengthening and qualifying the social economy sector. It is based on an association between the State and the representative social economy related organizations. It has the legal form of a public interest cooperative and its objective is the cooperation between the State and this type of organizations.

This solution also significantly reduced the operational costs.


The idea of developing an online accreditation portal for cooperatives was born after a project started in 2013 to dematerialize and streamline CASES’ general document management processes.

The objective was not only to issue certificates in a reliable and auditable way to the largest possible number of cooperatives, thus responding to the demands of the new Cooperative Code (Law n. 119 / 2015 of August 31), but also to increase the number of cooperatives that request the issuance.


To respond to the new provisions of the Cooperative Code, the solution facilitates the dematerialization of a process that up to now was done by sending paper documents that circulated internally in a physical way.


The improvements in the exchange of information and communication between services were evident, promoting the elimination of parallel information, in the reduction of errors and in the automatic notification of all participants in the accreditation process. The average productivity of CASES accreditation technicians grew the simplifying the information processing.

“The work of the Quidgest team and the services provided were of high quality, with the team having proved their availability and professionalism to clarify and resolve issues through a flow of communication that was reflected in an authentic partnership. This partnership and the constant support of Quidgest led to the success of the project, reflected in the generally positive reactions from the user cooperatives of the portal.”

Eduardo Graça, António Sérgio Cooperativa para a Economia Social President

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