Quidgest Recruitment Management assures a swift and step-by-step management of the hiring process. An all-in-one tool developed by Human Resources experts to enhance recruitment professionals’ work and productivity.

recruitment management software


The outside perspective of a recruiter’s work might seem simple. Write the desired profile and an online ad, wait for responses, review the received resumes, schedule a couple of interviews, and select the best candidate.

However, as a recruitment manager, you know there is much more to it. Every step has its procedures, and to follow everything is a tiring and error-prone challenge.

Quidgest developed its Recruitment and Selection solution to help recruiters and people involved to find the best talent in the market.


The Recruitment and Selection tool gathers the most pressing needs of a recruiter’s work. Some of the functionalities include the diffusion of job opportunities in the company, automatically sending emails, and evaluating resumes. All this is in one place and teamwork with the decision-makers of every step of the process.

Quidgest’s tool assures recruiters and managers to focus on where they add the most value instead of spending time in the burden of processes.


  • The intuitive and easy way the information is presented assures a fast analysis of resumes

  • Productivity gains through quick searches

  • Reduced time used in the input of data

  • Time reduction and associated costs to all processes

  • Quickly answer candidates


Every tool Quidgest builds is under regional, national, and international regulations. That is the case with the European General Data Protection Regulation and similar laws.


Although the management team understands the great benefits of introducing a new, more agile system that can immediately respond to changing market needs, we know that these changes assume a slight shift in how all internal stakeholders work.
So that the transition is made effectively, Quidgest develops training actions with professionals at various levels, where they share the gains and how to operate with the new features.
At the heart of all these initiatives will be the gains in productivity and the possibility of positively impacting the organization’s operation. Read more about Quidgest’s approach to systems change in this article.

Recruiters, it is time to enhance your job.