Analytical accounting is a powerful and fundamental tool for analyzing and controlling costs, profits and results of an organization’s activities, allowing an efficient and effective management with information that is useful and relevant to decision making.

The operation of analytical accounting provides, for each product, service or final activity, information regarding direct and indirect costs, costs of teaching staff, non-teaching staff, operation, amortizations, provisions and others not specified, as well as the total costs of the financial year and the total accumulated cost of activities, products or services with a multiyear duration or not coinciding with the economic period.

The main purpose of the Control and Clearance Center module is the elaboration of the different tables and models present in the SNC-AP estatute, assessing the cost of intermediate activities (auxiliary centers, administrative and financial services, management entity, among others).


  • Planning, execution and control of activities management.
  • Compliance with the legal norms defined in the Public Accounting Standard 27.
  • Compliance with the legal and / or complementary rules applicable to the legal regimes of its employees.
  • Obtaining management information.