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Universidade Nova de Lisboa choses Quidgest’s SINGAP SNC-AP

Quidgest won the international public tender for the purchase, configuration and installation of an integrated management system (ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning), presented by the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, by presenting the most economically and technically advantageous proposal.

This project fits into the national and international affirmation strategy of NOVA and has the objective of becoming a competitive advantage in its dynamic consolidation and digital transformation.

The system created for the Universidade Nova de Lisboa Foundation and its 11 dependent entities includes financial, assets and HR management, as well as guaranteeing the compliance with the new accountability rule SNC AP. The implementation is expected to take place in a record time, previously achieved in similar projects, including the migration of historical data, the visualization of indicators and the generation of management reports.

Quidgest’s long experience and its recognized good services in the public administration, specially in the education area, as well as its technological and functional suitability to the client’s needs, were a decisive factor for being chosen.

Universidade Nova de Lisboa will benefit from one of the most advanced integrated management systems in the market, based on the latest Microsoft technology (web, mobile, SQL, MVC). Developed with modeling and automatic software generation, it will allow greater agility in the accompaniment of its activity, guiding the entity through the great and constant challenges that come with the management of a university.

The growth of Quidgest, especially in the national and international public sector, driven by the constant innovation of its products and services, is still one of the key strengths of its strategy. The company has just reached the best year in its history in sales volume and this important project will reinforce this trend even more.

  • Rectorship of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (RUNL)
  • National School of Public Health of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa(ENSP)
  • Universidade Nova de Lisboa Law School (FD)
  • New Business and Economics School (SBE)
  • NOVA Medical School (NMS | FCM)
  • Social and Human Sciences School of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCSH)
  • Sciences and Technology University of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCT)
  • Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Institute of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (IHMT)
  • Chemical and Biological Technology António Xavier Institute of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (ITQB)
  • NOVA Information Management School | Higher Institute of Statistics and Information Management of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (NUEVO IMS)
  • Social Action Service of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (SASNOVA)


Quidgest is a global technology company headquartered in Lisbon and a pioneer in intelligent software modeling and generation. Through its unique generative AI platform, Genio, develops complex, urgent, and specific systems, ready to evolve continuously, flexible, and scalable for various technologies and platforms. Partners and large organizations such as governments, multinational companies, and global multilateral institutions use Quidgest’s solutions to achieve their digital strategies.

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