protocolo ubi quidgest

Signs Cybersecurity Research Protocol with Beira University

The of Computer Science and Engineering Department of the University of Beira Interior (UBI) has made, under the direction of professor Pedro Inácio (PhD), diverse research projects on system and network security.

Quidgest has recently created a new area of security of the information, cybersecurity and personal data protection, another step towards in the development of national technological skills.

The official celebration of the association protocol with the UBI took place in Quidgest on December 20, 2016. After UBI researchers presented some projects, several topics were discussed, in particular on access security and data storing, between the University team that visited the company and its research and development team.

João Annes, responsible for Quidgest for the area mentioned above, highlighted the importance of this partnership to give an even greater credibility and sustainability to the work developed by Quidgest, and to continue the commitment to the quality of national scientific research as an accelerator of solutions with demand in the market.

The addition of new functionalities to Genio application generator, the recruitment of future systems engineers, as well as the alignment for developments supported by European funds, were some of the next steps discussed between both parties.