Legislative Assembly

Representatives of the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador @ Quidgest

Gricelda Guevara (Head of Information Systems of the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador) and Merlyn Hernández (coordinator of the SITEL process at the Legislative Operations Management) were received by Quidgest for two weeks of advanced training on the SITEL system.

This system, developed by Quidgest, allows registering and creating a memory of the entire law-making process, accompanying the entire cycle of a law from the beginning to its publication. Due to its security mechanisms and information auditing, often sensitive, this system works as a guarantee of transparency and authenticity of the information produced.

The Legislative Assembly of El Salvador chose Quidgest to develop its SITEL Technical-Legislative Information System, within the scope of a project financed by the Inter-American Development Bank. The objectives of this project range from support in the registry, administration, backup, access and dissemination of the law formation process, to greater efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of the executed procedures. In addition to the advanced training on the system and the presentation of the source code, customers in El Salvador were able to visit Lisbon and Porto. They also had time to participate in the GDPR_talks: Accountability event, promoted by Quidgest.


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