connectivity foundry team

Quidgest in Embedded World 2017

Interoperability between management and production, as well as the increase of industrial productivity, were the themes that Quidgest presented in Nuremberg, for the Embedded World 2017.

This event is the ideal showcase to unveil a new approach to information systems geared towards Smart Industry and IoT, “The Connectivity Foundry”.

“The Connectivity Foundry” is a new industrial platform initiative. Open, collaborative and agile for like-minded industrial SMEs.

It combines, in a perfectly integrated way and in real time, two worlds that have been separated so far: the production line and the information systems.

The founding members of “The Connectivity Foundry” are FourDotZero, Imagination, Zeugma and Quidgest. This founding members worked together on a demo, showing the integration of an automated production line with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) management systems. The Ecosystem Partner Demo was on display at the Imagination technology company’s stand.