Red Cross’ ​​new ERP is a Quidgest solution

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The Portuguese Red Cross’ new ERP – Quidgest’s differentiating solution to a complex problem

The Portuguese Red Cross has a vital mission within the Portuguese society and the scope of its humanistic tasks demands great discipline, rigor and speed at the processing of the whole financial and operational information. We have chosen Quidgest both for the effectiveness of solution construction and for the personalization of its commercial relationships.

Dr. Francisco Henrique Moura George | President of PRC

The Portuguese Red Cross has quite demanding needs in what concerns its Financial and HR management. This comes from the fact that it has almost 180 delegations throughout the country, all of them working with the same fiscal number but autonomous in their management, based not only on its own staff but also on volunteers, which generates big challenges in what concerns centralization and strategic management of that information, as well as the periodic sending of the relevant data to the legal authorities.

Quidgest manages to provide an answer, just in time, thanks to its Model Driven Automatic Code Generation approach, which allows working closely with PRC specialists on the models that reflect the best practices, either concerning effective resources savings, or effective response to legal imperatives.

This strategy allows PRC an exponential efficiency increase on the management of its present internal processes and also on obtaining the essential metrics for medium and long term planning of its activities, main aim on society with so many diversified contexts and so many needs as the Portuguese one has.

This ground-breaking project will open doors, at other social solidarity institutions in Portugal and abroad, to Quidgest’ software engineering, still globally unique, due to the unbelievable short time-to-market, as well as the permanent and guaranteed full-flexibility when the need arises to adapt to market dynamics and operational best-practices.

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