Talks on Model Driven Engineering & Artificial Intelligence Approaches

Model Driven Engineering – MDE is a development approach where models are set in the center of every engineering process. Its target is to guarantee significant rises in productivity, maintenance and interoperability. It’s increasingly more present in industry, not only in sectors as cyber-physical, as automotive and aircraft industry, but also in the IT sector, where low-code platforms are gaining popularity.

In the last decade, we have lived a paradigm change due to important advances in methodologies, processes and technologies, which guarantee the development of languages to specific domain and modelling technologies. Making language engineering easy.

In this presentation we will talk about the adoption of MDE and analyses the pros and cons, current obstacles; will make suggestions for a more effective adoption and challenge the academic community for future research.

Instituto Superior Técnico and Quidgest team up to promote this series of meetings, with guest speakers during lunch time.

APDSI, COTEC, CS03 from IPQ and Link to leaders also support this initiative.

Free inscriptions, limited capacity, previous registration required.

Light lunch offered to participants!

More information

  • Date

    12th April 2019 (Friday);

  • Venue

    IT Area II, Room 0.17 (max. 50 people) IST – Alameda, LISBOA

  • Speaker

     Prof. Vasco Amaral* from PCT/UNL

  • Schedule

    1pm — 2pm, (coffee break 12:30am)

(*) Vasco Amaral is an Associate Professor at the IT Department in Science and Technology College from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, giving lectures on Software Engineering and researching in Model Driven Development and specific languages engineering at NOVA LINCS. He researches on software development for Particle Physics in DESY (HERA-B) and CERN (ATLAS) particle detectors. Recently, he co-lead the research network COST IC1404, focused in Multi-Paradigm Modelling for Cyber-Physics Systems. He has published more than 100 articles in well-known international conferences or magazines, has supervised 4 PhD thesis and more than 40 Master thesis. Vasco Amaral is a senior member from IEEE and the Portuguese Engineering Association, where he was in charge of different positions in the IT College for over ten years.


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