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In 2009 the IV Constitutional Government created the Public Function Commission, heir to the responsibilities of the previous Directorate General of Public Administration (DNFP). The nomination of this new commission had as objectives to guarantee the impartiality, the separation of the political powers and the valorization of the merit. The powers of recruitment, nomination and establishment of disciplinary measures concerning public officials, previously held by DNFP, were reinforced.

Quidgest developed a system for managing Timor-Leste Democratic Republic Public Service Workers, under United Nations Development Program (UNDP).


Among the different priorities of the Government of the new country was the need to computerize the processes, especially in the public administration. The 12,000 civil servants and 4000 temporary employees in the Timorese public administration were managed through an Excel database and another in Access with little information that contained unreliable data, stored in a single computer without any connection to the network to share.


The PMIS (Personnel Management Information System) allows to effectively know all the public administration, each ministry, each national address and each official or contracted working for the State.

The different organizations have online access to the system and access only the information of the officials under their responsibility. Only the Commission can access information regarding all the Public Function, since it is the central body responsible for the management of the officials.


The human resources management solution allowed for an integrated and de-localized management of all workers of the different agencies that report to the CFP, providing a broad and integrated perspective and a strategic vision.

“I must highlight my positive impression of the availability of Quidgest to meet our needs, creating a simple operation tool, specific to the Timorese situation. Many difficulties arose along the way: lack of qualified local personnel, unstable political situation and even changes in the system development specifications. Despite this, Quidgest always showed professionalism and commitment in the delivery of a product in accordance with what was expected “.

Libório Pereira, President of Timor-Leste Public Service Commission

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