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LAS Formação-MTO is a training organization in aircraft maintenance (MRO) with Part 147 certification. The training courses are recognized by the Portuguese regulatory entity, the INAC I.P. (National Institute of Civil Aviation and the European Agency for Aviation and Safety in Aviation (EASA), so the certificates of training or examination issued are valid in Portugal and in any country of the European Union.

LAS Formação-MTO considers that if they had not used such software, the costs would have doubled without a doubt.


At that time, there was not any aircraft maintenance training management system in the market that met the requirements and needs of LAS Formação-MTO in terms of data management. Therefore, the company felt the need to find an entity that developed a tool based on very specific requirements, requested and outlined by the school. In particular, the system should focus on the management of trainers and trainees, resource management, exam management and technical documentation management.


Given the lack of a product for the management of the training that was adapted to the needs of LAS Formação-MTO in the market, the company carried out a market survey. The search focused on companies that developed platforms according to the specificities of their customers. Of the companies consulted, Quidgest was finally chosen.


Most of the initially defined objectives were achieved, despite the fact that some adjustments were made over time. Among the main results achieved with the implementation of the tool, the company highlights greater control and monitoring of data by several users, the exchange of information, greater communication between services through a single database and the consequent elimination of parallel information.

LAS Formação-MTO has never worked without a training management system. Therefore, we cannot measure the cost reduction derived from the implementation of this. We believe, therefore, that not using a platform would duplicate the work done without a doubt.

Mónica Teixeira, Training Manager of LAS Formação-MTO

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