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IMVF – Instituto Marquês de Valle Flôr is a non-governmental organization for development (NGDO) whose purpose is to promote human dignity, improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable populations and contribute to a more sustainable planet. the living conditions of present and future generations.

In face of worrying mother and child health indicators, Marquês de Valle Flôr Institute (IMVF), has been implementing, since 2017, an Integrated Programme for Reduction of Maternal and Child Mortality in Guinea Bissau.


The main objective of this project is to contribute to the reduction of maternal, neonatal and child mortality in Guinea-Bissau and, in particular, to achieve the goals set in the Sustainable Development Objectives (ODS). With 266,189 children up to 5 years of age and 344,479 women of childbearing age as direct beneficiaries of this program, and 950 health professionals also affected in 117 health areas.


In order to control and register the care packages, Quidgest, in a partnership with IMVF, developed a stock management system that automates the control of medicines and consumables, and allows for a permanent tracking of stock, from when it leaves the suppliers until it is distributed in Guinean health centers and hospitals.


Stock Management system developed by Quidgest has resulted in significant improvements in the management of resources and an enormous gain of efficiency for IMVF.
By fostering greater organization-wide performance, timing control and availability of information, this system improves the quality of the on-site project. It also allows for a correct and updated perception, through management indicators, of the work done by the organization. This means that there can be a quicker response time for IMVF and healthcare practitioners in relation to problems and issues concerning the project.

I would like to thank Quidgest for its support and attention in the last few months to develop a solution that is intuitive, user-friendly and able to keep up with those that are the constraints of Guinea-Bissau and its structural challenges. We appreciate the time spent, since they were the only company able to develop this solution to the measure.

Ana Lopes,  Instituto Marquês de Valle Flôr project manager

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