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Acreditar was founded in 1993 by a group of parents of children who use pediatric oncology services around the country. The main mission of the institution is to help families and children with cancer overcome the problems that arise from the moment of the diagnose. This support translates into physical, psychological and economic help.

With the introduction of the new solution, Acreditar was able to reduce costs by 30%


The institution had the need to gather a good database, get to know donors and donated amounts better, what pointed the start to the project developed by the young people. Acreditar was registering the information regarding donors just through a simple list. Thus, it was not possible to treat or manage the information to optimize the value of the donations, maintain contacts or give information. Another target was to obtain more detailed information on donors and punctual or regular donations and gather information on management.


The work developed by Quidgest allowed to centralize the information circulating in the four regional core of the association, dispersed throughout the country and to work in an articulated and integrated way. The team automated donations and receipt, as well as the processes related to the treatment of this type of information. In addition to these functionalities, the new system ensured that the statistical data of management support not considered so far were treated.


This new tool enabled ACREDITAR to promote the access to quality information to share it in a more efficient way and control, centralize and monitor data in a single database. It also helped to eliminate redundant information and to increase response time by having pending tasks notified.

“Quidgest team approached this work with professionalism and commitment, perfectly understanding our needs, the gains we could obtain and the relevance of the matter. Although our needs analysis was not the most adequate, they have been unbeatable in the cooperation with Acreditar, far exceeding the scope of the project as originally defined. We, at Acreditar, are already a bit used to this type of works take to the emotional implication, but not always used to a so professional dedication for goals achievement in a given project, reason why we can say that it was a surprise that has not stopped surprising us. This form of patronage should be an example for the companies, since it allows to involve the entire structure of the company in the supported institution and an immediate verification of the real gains obtained by the institution.”

Margarida Cruz, General Director of Acreditar

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