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Keeping up with online training on top of the everyday rush can be challenging.
Being able to track progress and goals, at first sight, can mean the difference between staying motivating or dropping out.

When you need to provide a personalized learning experience to your organization to keep your competitive advantage choose a complete and simple end-to-end solution powered by AI.

  • MyLearn is an AI-powered learning technology designed to leverage employees, students, and teachers to reach their training goals. It allows the learning experiences to be personalized, improving the process of learning, eliminating skill gaps, reducing time-consuming tasks, all before it affects your business.

  • Combining content creation with a premium learner experience and data analytics, MyLearn is a comprehensive solution for any organization seeking to provide a flexible, fun, and adaptive learning opportunity to employees.









  • Available in 4 languages (PT, ESP, EN, DE)

  • New feature: Gamification

  • Personilized contents

  • Sugested contents

  • Responsive solution


Knowledge Center

All you need in one place, with AI-powered learning, it’s easy to find the right learning material by key words and phrases, area of work, topics, themes, and types of content.

Results are displayed in a format so you can quickly see what best fits your need.

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We apply AI, creating intuitive navigation and viewing tools, where you can bookmark your favorite contents, rate content and ask questions.

Managers can promote learning modules to team members through learning channels.

Learning Path

Using the AI models, you can measure e analyze and adjust the effectiveness of your learning path, activities and performance, in order to overcome our skill gaps.

See what you have viewed and track your progress inside the content.

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Content Lab

Keep it simple with our content manager: you can create specific content, using videos, presentations or any web material you have.

Templates, functions duplication, and learning containers make it easy to create, duplicate, and bundle content to fit specific learner needs and to fill up your content libraries with resources.


Keeping up with online training on top of the everyday rush can certainly be challenging. Being able to track your progress and goals, at first sight, can be the difference between staying motivating or dropping out.

On the other hand, thanks to reports, course administrators can measure the evolution of their trainees and make decisions based on data. This information enables the adaptation of learning content according to student response.

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Learn on-the-go

Flexibility is a basic requirement of an appealing and modern learning experience. With the platform on their phones or tablets, trainees won’t miss a lesson or update.

Unlinking digital learning from a desktop environment can boost engagement and success.

Knowledge Management

AI-powered knowledge management turns usually static and linear learning environments into flexible and intelligent knowledge pools. Organizing, sharing and displaying learning contents is re-conceived in a much more effective way.

Learning experiences are improved by the accessibility of the information, easy process flow, and AI-powered guidance.

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Content Management

Any trainer or educator can build content up just by entering text and images in the content management tool. The platform will assemble the information in a logical and intuitive way so users do not need to worry about editing.

Games and tests’ answers can likewise be entered in our solution.


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