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The G_Accelerator training programme was designed for entrepreneurs who want to develop their business ideas with software, but lack the technical knowledge to do so, as well as incubators and accelerators leaders and technicians who want to develop software to support their startups.

About this training

This training aims to provide players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem with technological knowledge that allows them to create or support the development of complex solutions in an intuitive and fast way. The use of the extreme low-code Genio platform allows startups and incubators to develop software tools in an accelerated way.

What you can achieve

After 40 hours of training, incubators and accelerator leaders and technicians will have an in-depth knowledge of Genio and will be able to develop business support tools for the projects they want to invest in. Likewise, Entrepreneurs will be equipped with the knowledge to develop technological solutions, previously out of reach.

What the training offers

  • Intensive practical course taught by specialized trainers;
  • Three months of free GENIO license;
  • Free simple technical support for 3 months;
  • Personalized business consultancy.

    40 hours (8 hours x 5 days)


    L1 (Beginner) – 400€
    L2 (Intermediate) – 500€
    L3 (Advanced) – 500€


    There are no specific requirements to attend this training. However, knowledge of SQL, relational models, and programming languages can be an advantage.


    Plan L1
    Plan L2
    Plan L3

Quidgest_Academy Testemonial

“The opportunity for training in Genio arose from the need to create a computer platform to support the management of a Research & Development Unit. Genio greatly facilitated and accelerated the process of creating the application, given that its complexity would require several weeks of development if a conventional programming language were used.”

Carolina CerqueiraMaria Inês Silva | Master’s Student in Engineering and Management of Information Systems at the University of Minho


Quidgest is a global technology company headquartered in Lisbon and a pioneer in intelligent software modeling and generation. Through its unique generative AI platform, Genio, develops complex, urgent, and specific systems, ready to evolve continuously, flexible, and scalable for various technologies and platforms. Partners and large organizations such as governments, multinational companies, and global multilateral institutions use Quidgest’s solutions to achieve their digital strategies.

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