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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has achieved an unprecedented status in the modern technological era, transforming the way we interact, work, and innovate. Generative AI, in particular, is at the forefront of this revolution, enabling a wide range of professionals and industries to explore their full potential.


At Quidgest, we recognize the critical role of AI in digital transformation through software development. This awareness compels us to deepen our understanding of how AI can be leveraged for growth, innovation, and the continuous reinvention of practices and processes, especially in times of profound complexity and uncertainty.

Our goal with this Observatory is to investigate evolving competencies and the digital solutions needed/implemented in different sectors to harness these new AI technologies effectively. We aim to identify new trends and areas conducive to the democratization of knowledge, automation, innovation, and value creation.

Your input is crucial to uncovering the true extent of AI’s current and future impacts across various industries and promoting a deeper understanding of the new levels of efficiency, creativity, problem-solving ability, innovation, and strategic effectiveness (strategic potential) of Digital Transformation effective in maximizing the benefits of AI and mitigating its challenges.

We guarantee the anonymity of all responses, allowing for a detailed analysis and sharing of the results (once compiled and formatted for publication) with all participants and stakeholders interested in shaping the future of AI in the organizational context.

That’s why we strongly encourage professionals and organizations worldwide to participate in this study.

We guarantee the anonymity of all responses, enabling detailed analysis and the sharing of findings with all participants and stakeholders interested in shaping the future of AI in organizational practices.

Thank you for your collaboration!


Quidgest is a global technology company headquartered in Lisbon and a pioneer in intelligent software modeling and generation. Through its unique generative AI platform, Genio, develops complex, urgent, and specific systems, ready to evolve continuously, flexible, and scalable for various technologies and platforms. Partners and large organizations such as governments, multinational companies, and global multilateral institutions use Quidgest’s solutions to achieve their digital strategies.

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