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GDPR_talks Roadshow in Algarve

More than 100 business people and managers, from the public and private sector, were present at the auditorium of the CCDR Algarve last 23rd to listen and discuss solutions for the new General Data Protection Regulation, the GDPR.

The event, organized by Quidgest, had the support of the Regional Coordination and Development Commission and was opened with a speech of its president, Dr. Francisco Sierra, who welcomed and left some thoughts on how to reconcile personal data and public security with with initiatives such as RIA – Intelligent Region of the Algarve, aimed to distribute public data to improve the life quality of the region.

João Paulo Carvalho, one of Quidgest’s senior partner, was the first speaker giving a deep approach about the GDPR, explaining that all organizations, public or private, face an important challenge in the upcoming times. There are many information assets and management software is a valuable tool to ensure the privacy and traceability of the information, especially the most sensitive.

João Gabriel presented the principles of data protection, warning of the applicable penalties, and spoke about his experience in GPA Lawyers illustrating it with practical cases. Next, Luís Metelo, from the Mobility and Transport Authority, addressed the challenges of the GDPR and the new mobility technologies on the road towards a digital public administration. He highlighted the importance of developing human capital and security solutions that integrate the information scattered in different technologies as a decisive factor for the improvement of public service.

João Annes, from Quidgest, spoke about the GPD application for data privacy management, about what is already done and the path to follow. He also presented the maturity study resulting from the survey made to the participants of the GDPR_Talks so far. The subject where there seems to be greater immaturity is about personal data employee’s rights in companies.

At the end there was a debate with many questions posed by the participants.


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