International Development

International development projects

Quidgest supports international cooperation and believes that software development plays a constructive role in international development. By building sustainable networks, with developing country local firms and R&D institutions, and the existence of a high quality national innovation system raises the likelihood of positive effects on their economy.

Quidgest contributes to international cooperation projects by the following activities:

  • Strategic planning for emerging markets, by means of an information system that allows performance monitoring, evaluating results, controlling costs and funding
  • Providing tools to enhance measuring assets value, including Process Management, vehicle registration, land and resources use right
  • Participating in projects funded by UNDP, World Bank and collaborates with NGOs
  • Providing services that simplify analysis and budgetary control
  • Collaboration with technology parks, universities and public-private companies in order to increase wealth of a country
  • Facilitating access to public information and services
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