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Progressive improvements in health care science and services, and social care led to a significant increase in life expectancy in developed countries. Consequently, population aging poses new challenges to health care systems.
Health care providers go through organizational changes constantly, which also include technological changes.

A team of specialists in clinical and health service delivery models, backed by a highly qualified team of software engineers and our award winning tools for automated software generation, have been providing highly usable, reliable and flexible solutions for the health care sector, be it in implementing electronic prescription systems, or in the development of applications for shared services across clusters of healthcare trusts.

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Hospital Management

An integrated system that seeks to meet the information and management needs in hospitals: prescription drugs, outpatient management, e-health portal, electronic health record, hospital management, logistics and hospital pharmacy.

Laboratory Management

A system with a high level of flexibility that allows the client to parameterize the results to different levels: global, each lab and each analytical determination.

Health Plans Management

The Quidgest Healthcare Programme System enables the simple communication between health providers (e.g. hospital, clinics, private pratice medical offices) and all beneficiaries of the managed Healthcare System Network. Health providers will be able to lower costs and improve the quality of their services by transforming their financial, technological and clinical practices.

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