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Q-DAY 2022 – About this edition

Innovation from within

When we look closely at the numbers of those who foster and create innovation, we realize that this is carried out mainly by ordinary workers within the organization. More than two-thirds of the significant inventions of the last three decades have come from employees, not entrepreneurs. Many organizations do not sufficiently notice the potential innovation they have at home and indulge in high resource expenditure to buy innovation. Inventions such as the Internet, the cell phone, or email would not have been possible without open innovation and intrapreneurs. These are the people who, within organizations, seek to improve processes by doubting the default, developing new products, and thus, creating new revenue streams and increasing the productivity of the organization.

How do we foster intrapreneurs in our organizations? Can anyone be an intrapreneur? Is there a secret recipe? And how should we encourage Open Innovation in our organizations?

These are some of the questions we intend to answer in the next edition of Q-Day, which will have the theme “Innovation from Within”.

intrapreneurship and innovation


8:30 am | Reception and Registration

9:00 am | Opening Session

9:30 am | Panel 1 (PT) – Innovation from Within Success Formula

10:30 am | Coffee break

11:00 am | Panel 2 (PT) – Innovation from within as a competitive force

12:00 am | Co-Innovation Awards

1:00 pm | Networking lunch

2:30 pm | Panel 3 – Innovation from within and from scratch

4:00 pm | Coffee break

4:30 pm | Panel 4 – Business technologists lead the Innovation from within

6:00 pm | Closing Session

q-day painel 1

PANEL 1 – 9:30 am

Innovation from Within Success Formula

What does the success of Innovation from within depends on? What “magic” recipes or formulas are present to foster Innovation from Within? How to measure success? What is the role of digital transformation, modeling, and artificial intelligence in successful Innovation? What impact does Innovation have on the economic development and competitiveness of nations?

Panel 1 Speakers:


  • Hermínio Santos

q-day 2022 panel 2

PANEL 2 – 11:00 am

innovation from within as a competitive force

Discover examples of organizations that mobilize and optimize Innovation from Within, transforming it into a sustainable competitive advantage. Cultures of Demand and Continuous Innovation. Recognition. Inclusive Innovation. The many faces of Innovation.

Panel 2 Speakers:


  • Diogo Agostinho

PANEL 3 – 2:30 pm

Innovation from within and from scratch

How do entrepreneurs create value from scratch? How do they produce it? How do you build your first MVP? At what speed do they evolve? How do they cross the “valley of death”? How do they go global without denying their roots?

PANEL 4 – 16:30 am

Business technologists lead the Innovation from within

The future of new professions: Business technologists and composers. Follow the trend towards democratization of the creation of digital tools while ensuring agility, robustness, scale, security, and integration. Requalify skills. Boost productivity.


Alberto Carvalho

General Superintendent of Los Angeles Unified School District

Alberto M. Carvalho has served as Superintendent of Los Angeles Unified School District since February 2022. He was selected by the Los Angeles Unified Board of Education in a unanimous vote following a comprehensive community engagement process and a nationwide search.
During his 14-year tenure as Superintendent of Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS), he garnered local, state, national and international recognition.
Alberto Carvalho currently serves on the National Assessment Governing Board, appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Education. He also serves as a committee member for the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine and as an Advisory Committee Member to the Harvard Program on Education Policy and Governance. Superintendent Carvalho is a dedicated member of the National Board of Directors for Common Threads and the Posse Foundation.
Superintendent Carvalho has been awarded many honorary degrees: by the President of Portugal with the “Ordem de Mérito Civil,” by Mexico with the “Ohtli Award” and was awarded the Official Cross of the Orden de Isabel la Católica (Order of Isabella the Catholic) on behalf of King Felipe VI of Spain.

André Marquet

Co-Founder of Productized

André Marquet has an engineering degree in Telecommunications, and a master’s in computer science from ISCTE-Lisbon University.
He started his career as a computer networks researcher at INESC Lisbon, worked in Tunisia for EFACEC, held an IT consultant position at AICEP Nokia, and later moved into Product Management at Wit Software and Huawei.
He has co-founded and had an executive role at Beta-i.com, a leading innovation startup hub, and Productized, an innovation consulting company.
Professional consultant with proven leadership and teamwork experience as founder of two successful nonprofit organizations, and a partner in several companies, with over 15 years of experience working in product development and software solutions for the telecom, web, and security and defense markets.
He is also an invited lecturer at Portuguese Catholic University on product discovery and entrepreneurship and a trainer and mentor to the Islamic Finance Changemakers program at the IE Business School in Madrid. He is also Head of Product Experimentation at Cofidis Portugal.

carolina rendeiro q-day 2022 speaker

Carolina Rendeiro

CEO and Founder of Connect2Global
Honorary Consul of Portugal to Miami

Carolina is CEO and Founder of Connect2Global, where she merges her passion for community and entrepreneurship. The Portuguese Government also appointed her as the Honorary Consul of Portugal to Miami.
Previously, she was President of the World Strategic Forum for two years and VP of International Development for eMerge Americas before that. In addition, she is a speaker at various conferences on women’s entrepreneurship and remote work.
Connect2Global recently signed an MOU with the US Mission to Portugal through its Public Diplomacy Section, known as AWE (Academy of Women Entrepreneurs).
Carolina is also a mentor for SGWIT, a program of the Select USA Investment.
She is known for her high-energy and strong expertise in international development, with a special focus on global marketing and business development.
“There is no time like the present to start crossing borders and expanding your horizons. There is a world of opportunity waiting for you

chakib rifi q-day speaker

Chakib Rifi

Founder of SGPP Europe

Chakib Rifi is the founder of SGPP Europe – a disruptive digital transformation firm – better known worldwide as AloExpert.
After his first fundraiser in Morocco, Chakib does not intend to stop there and has decided to challenge the French market – with his platform Aloexpert – supported by Business France.
An engineer from the “Ecole Polytechnique” in Lille and graduated from the University of Quebec in Montreal (MBA), he has actively participated in several digital transformation and inclusion projects. He sees digital as a tool for achieving broader socio-economic goals.
He also leads and participates in several seminars, such as WCIT2017 in 2017 and COP22 in 2016, as a consultant for digital inclusion.

tiago xavier q-day speaker

David Xavier

Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers

David Xavier has a degree in Business Organization and Management and a master’s degree in African Studies from ISCTE. In addition, he took the European Business Certificate in Madrid.
He is currently Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, where he coordinates a team of over 200 people. He is also Portugal’s representative at the OECD in the network of institutions of the Government Center. After the 2017 fires, he was a member of the installation commission of AGIF.

He was administrator of the Social Services of the University of Lisbon, as well as Administrator and Executive Director of the shared services of the same University.
He was General Secretary of the Faculty of Medicine and began his professional life at ISCTE.
He is a member of several boards, such as the Strategic Council of INA, the School Council of ISCSP, the Quality Council of ISCTE, and the National Commission for Civil Protection. He also participated in several collaborative teams created during the pandemic and developed a set of collective manuals of public administration.
He is an auditor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has conducted training on various subjects, such as public policies or the use of Erp.
He has some joint publications and received the award for best practices in public administration in 2011, with a project of the Shared Services of the University of Lisbon.
He is a trainer in areas such as Leadership and Public Administration, having collaborated with several institutions.

George Polisner q-day spreaker

George Polisner

Founder of CIVIC.WORKS

Mr. Polisner has spent the last several years of his career turning around projects in crisis, building high-performing teams, and addressing significant technological and economic challenges for government, large enterprises, and society. In 2021 he successfully completed a major application and infrastructure modernization project turnaround for the California Student Aid Commission.
Mr. Polisner remains active in writing about policy and legislation affecting wealth and income inequality, participatory democracy, and budgeting. He has expertise in corporate social (responsibility) behavior and externalities.
He is the founder, and Executive Director of an entity focused on leveraging technology and organizing behavior to sustain effective civic engagement (civ.works).
Previously he designed scalable operations services to support Oracle Cloud and Oracle Cloud customers. During his Oracle tenure, George led the Performance Architecture consulting unit in the Western United States. He also drove major innovation with regard to how on-premise Oracle products were installed through the Oracle Applications Gold CD program.
George is a frequent radio guest providing analysis on the U.S.political and economic environment and now happily resides in Lisbon.

Glória Guimarães Q-Day speaker

Glória Guimarães

President of Ayo Group

Professionally, over 35 years of performance in executive positions, with responsibility for management, decision, and team leadership in Information Technology in the Public, Financial, Logistics, Tourism, and Insurance Sectors.
He has worked in several companies, such as Banco do Brasil, Aliança do Brasil Seguros, BBTUR- BB Turismo, ECT – Correios, Ministério do Planejamento, ABGF-Agência Brasileira Gestora de Fundos Garantidores e Garantias S.A., SERPRO – Serviço Federal de Processamento de Dados, the largest public IT company in Latin America, and Capgemini.
She began her career at Banco do Brasil, in the Technology area, from manager to IT Director.
She is recognized in various sectors: IT, Innovation, Management, Clients, Compliance, and Strategic Planning.
Responsible for the turnaround at SERPRO, a company that turned a profit in the last two years after nine years of successive losses. Gloria made relevant implementations in BB’s IT areas, such as systems architecture and the IT procurement standardization project in the Federal Government.
He is currently Ceo of Ayo Group holding, which includes the companies Memora Innovative Processes, Oraex Cloud Consulting, VA Expert, Bitgov, and Praxis, responsible for developing international expansion and growth strategies in the four countries already present and in Brazil. The companies operate in the oil and gas, retail, government, financial, food and beverage sectors.

Helder Sousa Silva Q-Day speaker

Hélder Sousa Silva

Mayor of the Mafra Municipality

Hélder Sousa Silva is Mayor of Mafra Municipality, Vice-President of the Lisbon Metropolitan Council, Vice-President of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities, President of the Lisbon District Commission for Civil Protection, member of the Committee of the Regions of the European Union and President of the Social Democrat Mayors.
Born in Mafra on July 21, 1965, he holds a Ph.D. in Strategic Studies from the Higher Institute of Social and Political Sciences, a Master’s degree in Electrotechnical and Computer Engineering from the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), a post-graduate degree in Security and Defense, and a degree in Electrotechnical and Computer Engineering from IST and in Military Sciences, transmission branch, from the Military Academy.
He was a Member of Parliament during the XII Legislature and a City Councilman at CMM.
He has vast professional experience as Director of Technical Services of the National Firefighting and Civil Protection Service, Army Officer, and university lecturer.

Inês Relvas Q-Day speaker

Inês Relvas

Chief Strategy Officer at Universo – Sonae Group

Inês Relvas is Chief Strategy Officer at Universo, the financial services company of the Sonae Group. She started her career at the strategic consulting firm Boston Consulting Group, serving diverse sectors, such as retail, industrial goods, telecommunications, energy, and financial services, in Lisbon, London, Luanda, and Madrid. After that, she assumed the Project Manager position, already specializing in financial services. She joined the Sonae group in 2020, a few days after the Pandemic forced us all into confinement, to lead the Strategy area of the Universe. She is currently responsible for the Strategy and Management Control, People & Talent, Customer Service, Customer Analytics and Treasury teams.
She is a Global Shaper alumna of the World Economic Forum in the Lisbon Hub.
She holds a BA in Management from Nova School of Business and Economics, a Masters in Management from Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics, and an MBA from INSEAD.
Inês is Artur’s mother and a fierce feminist in her day-to-day life.

João Neves Q-Day Speaker

João Neves

Secretary of State for the Economy

João Neves was born in Ponte de Sor, in 1957.
He holds a degree in Economics from Instituto Superior de Economia, in 1980, and a Master’s degree in Administration and Public Policies, from Instituto Superior de Ciências do Trabalho e Empresa (ISCTE), in 2003.
Secretary of State of Economy in the XXI Constitutional Government, between 2018 and 2019, and Assistant Secretary of State and of Economy in the XXII Constitutional Government.
Director of the Laboratórios BIAL Company, in 2010/2018.
Member of the Board of Directors Instituto de Apoio às Pequenas e Médias Empresas (IAPMEI, I.P.), 2007/2010.
Head of Office of the Minister of Economy and Innovation, in 2005/2007. Director-General of the Ministry of Economy’s Enterprise, in 2004/2005.
Regional Director of Lisbon and Tagus Valley of the Ministry of Economy. He also managed the Economy Measure of the Regional Operational Program of Lisbon and Tagus Valley/QCAIII in 2003/2004. General Director of Industry, in 2001/2003.
Services Director of the Foundation for Science and Technology of the Ministry of Science and Technology, in 2000/2001.
Director of services of the Directorate-General of Industry, in 1997/2000.
National delegate for the Innovation and SME’s Program of the V R&D Framework Program of the European Union, in 1997/2000.
Head of the Office of the Secretary of State for Industry and then of the Minister of Economy, in 1995/1997.
Member of Technical staff of the Directorate General of Industry, 1984/1995.

jonathan littman q-day speaker

Jonathan Littman

Founder of Redbridge Lisbon and co-author of  international bestsellers on innovation

Jonathan Littman is the Founder of Redbridge Lisbon, SmartUp.life – The Innovation Hub, and the co-author of the international IDEO bestsellers “The Art of Innovation” and “Ten Faces of Innovation”.
Jonathan leads immersive seminars and delivers keynotes on entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation in the US, Europe, and China. An adjunct professor at the University of San Francisco, Jonathan teaches Creativity, Innovation, and Applied Design, an interactive approach to tapping anthropology and cross-pollination techniques to uncover unique insights and prototype new products and services.
Ten books, 500+ articles and prize-winning journalism in Playboy, the LA Times Magazine, Marker Medium, LA Magazine, Huffington Post, and Forbes.
Jonathan holds a BA in Rhetoric from the University of California at Berkeley.

Julien Herbstein

Adventure capitalist

Julian is an inveterate connector, thinker and entrepreneur. He has spent 25 years working in a diverse set of private equity, tech startup and operating roles across the globe.
Julian began his career as an M&A banker at Lazard Frėres, then worked for Rupert Murdoch at SKY before joining as the third employee of govWorks, a darling of Internet 1.0 that raised $60
million from Mayfield and KKR.
After receiving his MBA, Julian joined the family office of legendary investor George Soros, where he was a Principal in the private equity group.
In 2008, Julian was recruited to Beijing as a founding partner at CGN, one of six private equity funds approved by China’s central committee. He is no longer active on the investment team but remains one of three members of the Investment Committee.
After CGN, Julian worked for two hedge funds in Hong Kong and Chicago, both in structured finance, before being hit by the startup bug and launching Magic Fitness, an end-to-end platform for live 1-on-1 personal training via Zoom.
He is now an active investor, advisor and closet entrepreneur waiting for the right next opportunity to go all-in.
Julian holds a BA from Harvard and an MBA from Stanford Business School.

luisa baltazar q-day speaker

Luísa Baltazar

Founder of SOMA Services, Business Mentor and Coach for the European Innovation Council

Luisa Baltazar is an Executive Advisor, Founder of businesses such as SOMA Services, a Business Mentor and Coach for the European Innovation Council, and overall a person with intrinsic skills essential for strategy and implementation that gets things done by doing the talk and the walk.
Considered by others to be a cheerful warrior soul in life and business that gathered under her belt the tools, knowledge, and experience for the entrepreneurial ecosystem after 20+ years of career in the Startup and IT worlds as well as in areas such as Business Strategy, Marketing, and Human Resources in the Silicon Valley USA, in Europe and now based in Portugal.
Considers herself to be a natural communicator in a constant search for the paths that may take her curiosity from knowledge to wisdom. With a never-ending drive to learn and give back, with pro-bono social projects that she believes move the needle for a better future and world, she is a strong believer that “Knowledge has value only when turned into action.”

Miguel Amado

Partner, Consulting at EY

With over 24 years of experience in transformation projects, he started his career at EY, which he complemented with an international career that included more than eight countries and expertise in sectors such as Retail and Consumer Products, Telecommunications, Healthcare, and Public Sector. Among these experiences are the transformation project of Unilever Europe Foods Business and Portugal Telecom.
Back at EY since 2010, he has been dedicated to large transformation programs in the public sector. He is also responsible and passionate about digital transformation in public administration and the role of innovation as a driver of this movement.
He has a degree in Management from Universidade Católica Portuguesa and a post-graduation in Information Systems from Instituto Superior Técnico (POSI). Currently, he leads the Government and Public Sector and Health, Science, and Wellness sectors in EY’s Consulting practice.
Married, father of 3 children, speaks five languages, and plays four instruments, characteristics that he believes facilitate the innovation process.

Miguel Mira da Silva Q-Day speaker

Miguel Mira da Silva

Professor of Information Systems at the Instituto Superior Técnico

Miguel Mira da Silva is a full professor of information systems at the Instituto Superior Técnico (University of Lisbon, Portugal) and coordinator of the Digital Transformation group at the INOV research institute.
Miguel graduated and received an MSc degree in computer engineering from the Instituto Superior Técnico, a Ph.D. in computing science from the University of Glasgow, a “Sloan Fellowship” master’s degree in management from the London Business School, and more recently a habilitation (agregação) in information systems from Instituto Superior Técnico.
Miguel has supervised 11 Ph.D. and 177 MSc theses and published 223 research papers, as well as four teaching books. He currently has
+3,400 citations and an h-index of 33 on Google Scholar. The research
group has already executed more than 2.5 million euros in research and consulting projects. He also created and currently coordinates an online master’s degree, as well as several training programs and short courses.


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