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    September 18th | 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.


The New Spring of Artificial Intelligence and models”: the central theme of Q-Day Conference 2019

Q-DAY – 11th EDITION “The New Spring of Artificial Intelligence and models”: the central theme of Q-Day Conference 2019 Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) going into a new spring? Throughout its history, the AI ​​has experienced periods of euphoria, which are followed by phases of “cooling”. These are the so-called “AI Winters”, in which both the financing of projects linked to this science and the interest in their research decrease significantly. In recent years, however, there has been a whole new hype around AI, embodied in more investment, more resources and more young talent directed to this domain. It is, therefore, the AI ​​in its spring phase.

With the software to reflect and follow the new awakening of the AI, the companies that want to differentiate must follow this evolution. During the last two decades, a new approach emerged that considers models not only as documentation artifacts but as central parts in the software engineering process. This approach allows the creation or automatic execution of software systems based on these own models.

Quidgest has been going a long way in the last 30 years. With Genio, it is possible to guarantee extraordinary increases in the productivity of software developers, since this pioneering system is declarative (aligned with the MDE) and uses inference mechanisms (according to Artificial Intelligence). Genius has always pursued the same goal: to create better and simpler information systems (IS), automatically, from models, using declarative language, standards, and an AI-based inference mechanism.

Since we already have results that support new and strong investments in this area, the important thing now is to reach a culture of collaboration that allows reaching broader approaches.

How can we accelerate this evolution of AI? Will public opinion leaders, entrepreneurs, and public leaders be prepared to follow this dizzying acceleration in their production processes? How can we enhance the progress already achieved?

This will be, certainly, a mandatory Q-Day.


Similar to previous editions, which featured a country or international partner guest, this year’s Q-Day highlight goes to Germany.

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  • Between 2009 and 2018 more than 1760 people attended
  • Very good was the qualitative average evaluation of the overall experience
  • 75% of the participants were Managers (public organizations and companies).

  • Prestigious specialist speakers on different topics
  • Current issues related to Competitiveness, Management, Strategy and Technology
  • Conferences and workshops in parallel
  • Sharing ideas and opinions
  • Contact with specialists from a wide range of business areas
  • Opportunity to establish strategic partnerships

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“This award is due in large part to the Quidgest team that is working with us and this agile way of working and being able to introduce all our ideas, implement them and allow us to work with them”

Carla NevesEurobic