World Development Projects

World Development Projects

Quidgest’s consulting approach together with our Agile technologies marks us as adaptive and responsive, enabling us to work worldwide, adapting to organizations and their needs.

Our experience expands across the five continents by supporting international cooperation and building sustainable networks with national institutions.

We believe that software development plays a constructive role in international development. That is why we are totally committed and engaged to international cooperation projects.

Identity and Strategy

What is a country made of?

People | Civil Registry | Companies | Business Registration | Population | Resource Management | Spaces | Water Resources | Geo-Referencing | Referral | Biodiversity | Sovereignty | National Strategy | Diplomacy

Asset Valuation

How to generate revenue?

Licensing | Land Registry | Urban Registration | Car Registration | Property Registration | Concessions | Public Goods | Competency Management | Resource Inventory | Travel visa


How to control expense?

Financial Management | Budgets Preparation | Zero Base Budget | Public Accounting | Provision of Public Accounts | Participatory budgeting | Public Procurement | Human resource Management | Treasury and Public Credit Management


How to increase wealth?

Foreign Direct Investment Funding | Investment Agency | Resource management | Concessions | Technology Parks | Economic Zones | Development Pools | Tourist Development | Public-Private Collaborations


A country for all.

Justice | Education | Social Security | Health Care | Social Housing | Entrepreneurship support | Sports | Electoral Census | Participative Budgets | Election Results| Social inclusion

International cooperation

A country in the world.

Structural Projects | Literacy | Micro Credit | Justice | Education | Social reinsertion | Sanitation

World Development Projects

East Timor

Human Resources

Personnel Management Information System for East Timor Public Sector.

El Salvador

Strategic Management

BSC – Monitoring and evaluation of the Five Year Plan.

Northern Corridor


Stimulate access to business opportunities and improve information management.


Monitoring Education and Health System.

Real-Time Monitoring System for the Rapariga Biz Program for the United Nations Population Fund.

Enterprise Human Capital Management Solution for the Government of Jamaica (funded by IADB)

Quidgest developed a Human Capital Management Enterprise System for the Government of Jamaica, named MyHr+, which represents a significant part of the Human Resources Management Transformation in the Jamaican Public Sector.

14 Ministries, departments and agencies will be using the system, which offers a standardised human-resource and payroll platform, which collects a range of employment information for personnel across the public sector. All other entities will have the system installed over the next two years. The entire system, including a Self-Service portal, can be accessed through the internet and is mobile friendly. This improves the access to information, not only for HR and payroll employees but also for the 120 000 employees that, by the end of the project, will be using the Self-Service portal.

The introduction of the MyHr+ System is, thus, a significant step in the transformation of the human resource management in the public sector of Jamaica and will assist in achieving greater levels of efficiency in Governance in Jamaica

Real Time Monitoring System and Kirí Biz System

In 2016, the Government of Mozambique, launched the Rapariga Biz Program which aims to help girls become more active in society, promoting their sexual and reproductive health rights. In a country where young girls face numerous challenges, such as premature marriages, early and unwanted pregnancies, maternal mortality, STDs and violence, this program aims to tackle these challenges by reaching to one million girls and young women aged 10-24 years by 2020.

In the context of this program, Quidgest developed a Real-Time Monitoring system, an integrated system for the collection and operational management of the Rapariga Biz program. Kirí Biz is the solution that serves as a basis for all processing of information and program activities, and provides the necessary data for the monitoring system.

The Real-Time Monitoring (RTM) system, in turn, provides information that helps monitoring the implementation of the program, measuring the results achieved and supporting evidence-based decisions, budgetary and operational management.


Implementation of BSC & Document Management systems |Mozambican Company of Hydrocarbons.
This project was funded by the World Bank, under the Development Program of the Municipality of Maputo.
The solution consists of urban planning, territorial management and administration, developed in partnership with ESRI Portugal. It allows georeferencing and land management and heritage and the recording of all information associated. Quidgest provided the GIS database, being responsible for the database architecture and implementation.


Luanda Urban Planning and Management Institute.


SIGEM | Maputo City Council
Urban Planning, Management and Territorial Administration Solution, in the Municipal Council of Maputo, funded by the World Bank (SIGEM). The system allows the Municipality to centralize all information related to property management and usage (DUAT) and assets’ management under its jurisdiction.

PROMAPUTO | Maputo Municipal Development Program

Property Management | Finance Ministry
Quidgest was chosen to develop and provide a Land Registry Information System (SIRP), within the scope of the Technical Assistance Project for the Mozambican Financial Sector, in order to improve the country’s ownership and guarantee records.


Angola National Assembly.
The project consisted in the implementation of an Information and communication technology platform upgrade of Angola’s parliament, including the support areas as well as core business areas.

Civil servants Mamagement System | Government of East Timor
Quidgest developed, within the framework of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), a system which manages the civil servants of the Democratic Republic of East Timor. The system consists of a central interface for the Civil Service Commission (CFP) and web access for the all institutions reporting to the commission.

Veterans’ Pension Management | Ministry of Social Security
Centralized registration of War Veterans.

War Veterans Management System.
Management System that aims to create a centralized registry, in order to simplify contacts and support El Salvador’s community of War Veterans.


Integrated Information Management | General Inspection of Finances.

Process Management | Attorney General of the Republic.

Exam Management Solution for Aeronautical Personnel.
The Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), whose mission is to expand mutual friendship, political-diplomatic coordination and cooperation among its members, reshaped its information management processes and implemented a new records management system.

SITEL – Legislative Technical Information system| Legislative Assembly of El Salvador
This systems aims to support the registration, administration, protection, access and dissemination of the law creation processes and other processes identified with parliamentary work. The system also aims to enable greater efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of the Legislative Assembly.
The design and implementation of SITEL allows automation and virtualization of the Assembly processes and procedures, which were only performed manually or partially virtual before the implementation.
The system aims to optimize the management structure of the Assembly, allowing its strengthening, modernization and an improvement in the control of operations and processes performed there..

Integrated Document Management | Civil Service Commission
This solution allows the registration of all external and internal documents of the organization, the digitization of the same for later annexation, creation of documents from predefined templates, as well as the management of versions of each document and the routing within the organizational structure .


Hospital Management | Cligest


Driving Control System INATTER | National Institute of Traffic (INAV)

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