World Development Multilateral Projects

Quidgest projects contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals

By building sustainable networks with developing countries, local enterprises and R&D institutions, as well as the existence of a high quality national innovation system, a higher bar is set: there is an increase in the likelihood of positive effects on their economy.

The sustainable Development Goals announced by United Nations are a commitment towards sustained development in the economic, social and environmental dimensions.
Quidgest is building sustainable projects with developing countries, local enterprises and R&D institutions, allowing the existence of high quality innovation systems to be available where they are most needed to fulfil UN Goals.

Engagement in Development Enabling Digital Transformation

It is our believe that software development throughout digital transformation is a major role towards development. We are engaged in business models that go beyond existing business needs and foster new innovative products and service, in which people are the centre of attentions: People Before Technology.

Quidgest contributes to international cooperation projects by the following activities:

  • Strategic planning for emerging markets, by means of an information system that allows performance monitoring, evaluating results, controlling costs and funding
  • Providing tools to enhance measuring assets value, including Process Management, vehicle registration, land and resources use right
  • Participating in projects funded by UNDP, World Bank and collaborates with NGOs
  • Collaboration with technology parks, universities and public-private companies in order to increase wealth of a country
  • Facilitating access to public information and services
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