World Development


Quidgest supports international cooperation and believes that software development plays a major constructive role in international development.


Quidgest World Development

Through structuring projects, Quidgest helps build modernity references of countries and regions, create solid networks with the aim of supporting economic development, mobilize national resources and skills and promote active citizenship and citizen participation.

  • Identity and Strategy

    What is a country made of?

  • Asset Valuation

    How to generate revenue?

  • Management

    How to control expense?

  • Economy

    How to increase wealth?

  • Citizenship

    A country for all

  • International cooperation

    A country in the world

Quidgest projects contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals

By building sustainable networks with developing countries, local enterprises and R&D institutions, as well as the existence of a high quality national innovation system, a higher bar is set: there is an increase in the likelihood of positive effects on their economy.

Development through Digital Transformation

The Role of Multilateral Organizations and Private Enterprises

Lauded for their potential to equalize, digital technologies have become an increasing part of the political and public service domains. Governments and organizations committed to global development are giving their attention, and investments, to how to best incorporate new technologies into their development strategies to achieve rapid and sustainable growth.


Quidgest contributes to international cooperation projects with the following activities:
•    Strategic planning for emerging markets, by means of information systems that allow performance monitoring, evaluating results, controlling costs and funding
•    Providing tools to enhance measuring assets value, including Process Management, vehicle registration, land and resources usage rights
•    Participating in projects funded by Multilateral and Bilateral Organizations and UN Agencies and collaborating with NGOs
•    Collaborating with technology parks, universities and public-private companies I order to increase the wealth of a country
•    Facilitating access to public information and services


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