Software Academy @ Quidgest

The Impact of Digital Transformation

At Quidgest Q-Day Conference 2017 we discussed the impact of digital transformation at many levels. One of the panels focused the debate on the learning process of programming skills by present and future generations. Many like Quidgest shared a common idea: programming will soon be a necessary skill to all.

I confess that for those like me, without a background in Engineering or specific knowledge of computers, this prediction causes a certain discomfort. How can we catch up with programmers and the infinity of languages available without taking, again, approximately twenty years of study?

Quidgest gave us the answer. The Software Academy at Quidgest combines the main theoretical learning concepts with a no-code Development Platform that enables those in training to quickly develop software without coding. The result? The trainees were able to create a customized basic solution in three weeks!

Furthermore, many like me felt that their consultancy skills were pushed to the next level: now we can discuss the specifications of a software solution and clearly “speak” the language.

At Quidgest, the combination of a no-code platform and years of know-how created a Software Academy that is able to easily prepare present and future generations for programming.


Maria Martins

International Business Development Consultant @ Quidgest