Sense: From physical to digital world

Monitoring and data collection system from sensing devices, with automatic performance and remote control capability.

We live in a world where every business pay extremely attention to details, where nothing is left to chance. Sense is a key part of this era. Sense integrates, in digital systems, information from the physical world, such as air and soil temperature and moisture, brightness, atmospheric pressure and pH value. It monitors, in real time, interprets and reports the collected data to a server. After that, it triggers mechanisms or processes automatically. It allows to streamline processes and save time, energy and costs.


Smart Agriculture

Advanced sensing for efficient autonomous harvesting
Bulk volume measurement sensor for conveyor belt
Collision avoidance sensor for large vehicles
Counting objects on multiple conveyors
Detection and ranging for level sensing applications
Loading dock vehicle position sensor
Security and surveillance optical barrier for secured premises

Smart Cities

Traffic light and intersection management
Vehicle traffic flow monitoring Parking space occupancy management
Automated highway toll
Vehicle size monitoring and profiling
Speed-limit enforcement
Water-level monitoring
Smart lighting applications
Public space and building security

Smart Industries

Bulk volume measurement sensor for conveyor belt
Proximity detection and distance measurement for manufacturing conveyor systems
Collision avoidance sensor for heavy machinery
Counting objects on multiple conveyors detection and Ranging for level sensing applications
Loading dock vehicle position sensor
Vehicle detector
for barrier gate control
Security and surveillance optical barrier for secured premises

Smart Homes and Buildings

The information captured by sensing devices, remotely available through personal computers and smartphones, enables systems that can be programmed to meet specific needs and achieve almost complete autonomy thanks to ongoing Internet of Things (IoT)  initiatives. Sensors help improve lighting and heating management, increase comfort and reduce energy costs by enabling precise detection of people in a specific room area. By leveraging the precise presence and movement detection,  surveillance systems can deliver superior perimeter intrusion monitoring.

Energy Efficiency

Energy and weather control
Wind direction and speed
Relative humidity
Barometric pressure
Air temperature

Smart Vehicles

Providing critical information about its immediate  surroundings, improving users’ safety as well as significantly reducing
accident-related costs and social impacts, sensors are rapidly becoming an integral part of any vehicle’s navigation and safety systems.

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What distinguishes Sense

  • Modularity

    Each sensor has an individual module, wich makes it possible to add as much modules as needs without changing the controller firmware

  • Conectivity

    3G, wi-fi, Ethernet

  • Any Analogic Sensor

    Temperature, humidity, proximity, pH, lightness, UV index, wind, gas detection, flow rate detection

  • Integration with Management Systems

    Integration with management systems and business processes of a company

  • Economy

    The modularity allows a phased investment

  • Scalability

    Sense’s architecture has the ability to grow with the volume of information coming from the sensors, becoming a viable solution for large scale systems.

  • Modernity

    The communication protocols, data storage systems and controllers used are at the forefront of the industry .

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