Sense Servers

Sense was developed with Internet of Things’ state of the art technologies enabling it to capture information through high performance sensors and provide it remotely to computers and smartphones.

No concern is too much regarding your servers, even more when we see temperatures increasing every day through these months of summer. And because we know the importance they have in your business, we developed a solution that allows you to monitor in real time the temperature and humidity of your server room.

This solution offers you a responsive user interface with dynamic charts and the hability to monitor multiple rooms. And because you can’t be 24/7 looking at data to see if everything is in order, alerts can be configured to warn you if there’s a value that doesn’t meet the ideal condition set by you and something might be wrong.

We would love to show you Sense and tell you all about it. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Meet Sense

Monitoring and data collection system from sensing devices, with automatic perfomance and remote control capability

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What distinguishes Sense
  • Modularity

    Each sensor has an individual module, wich makes it possible to add as much modules as needs without changing the controller firmware

  • Conectivity

    3G, wi-fi, Ethernet

  • Any Analogic Sensor

    Temperature, humidity, proximity, pH, lightness, UV index, wind, gas detection, flow rate detection

  • Integration with Management Systems

    Integration with management systems and business processes of a company

  • Economy

    The modularity allows a phased investment

  • Scalability

    Sense’s architecture has the ability to grow with the volume of information coming from the sensors, becoming a viable solution for large scale systems.

  • Modernity

    The communication protocols, data storage systems and controllers used are at the forefront of the industry .

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