Quidgest’s automatic code generation platform generates for Android

Genio, Quidgest’s platform automatic code generation is generating for AndroidTM platform.

Developing for Android in Genio is done natively which allows to reach to an end result without having to resort to other technologies. Moreover, this competitive advantage increases compatibility with future versions of Android, as well as the performance and fluidity of applications generated by Genio.

For Rodrigo Serafim, CTO of Quidgest, “this new technological flavor will enable a wider use of solutions powered by Genio, increase their mobility options, and also allowing the developing of new specific mobile solutions” According to Gartner the same technology is present in 80% of smartphones.

In addition to this new technology, the Quidgest’s Genio Platform also generates for other technologies such as HTML5, Windows Azure, Microsoft Visual ASP.NET, Java, Microsoft .Net MVC, Windows Communication Foundation, among others.

Genio is the Quidgest’s platform for rapid and flexible development of complex information systems, which combines modeling based development with automated code generation in a variety of programming languages and technology flavors.

The platform can be used not only by software engineers but also business managers interested in develop management applications without deep programming skills.